Apertivo – Happy Hour & Free Food (Italy)

I had the cheapest dinner in Italy today.

I just discovered apertivo in Rome… It basically means “happy hour”, but it gets better. You buy one drink, and they either give you a platter of bite sized food (like pizza, cheese, a bit of salad, plain pasta etc) or you pick from a buffet of appetizers. In order to win customers and bring them in, restaurants and bars tend to have samples of this spread displayed in their window.

I highly recommend you do this – It’s a great way to have a small snack or a stingy dinner.

I hunted and had mine at Bar Pompi, Piazza Re Di Roma – It came recommended by the local Italian girl who was renting me a room via Roomorama. The place serves the best Tiramisu in town (4 flavours!) and a mash up of equally sweet beats on the DJ console. I indulged in them all in between sips of my prosecco (flute of champagne).

Cost of drink: €6
Cost of dinner: Free
Cost of dessert (Tiramisu): €4.50

Totally going to look for the best apertivo buffet spread in Milan tomorrow.

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