Thinking about your next holiday? Around The World with ROOMORAMA – Short term rentals


… has been nice enough to sponsor most of my stay in Italy and I have been enthusiastically trawling their website for my travel room choices. There are so many! Some have prettier pictures, others have better locations. No matter, I want to stay in ALL of them!

I did a quick search and had no trouble finding a room for a single traveller in Bangkok, a villa in Bali for a future romantic getaway, a 4-bedroom house to fit family and friends in Australia, or a penthouse suite in New York City.

Dusit, Bangkok - 1,500baht/night. Sleeps: 2 people

Villa Jepun, Bali - USD$200/night. Sleeps: 2 people

4 bedroom Penthouse Suite in New York City - USD$750/night. Sleeps: 10 people

Modern Room in Paris, 186euros/night. Sleeps: 2 people

Townhouse in Adelaide, Australia - AUS$425. Sleeps: 8 people


I really love holidays, all type of holidays, and sleeping in hotels (especially boutique hotels) – but exploring a whole new world of short term rentals, it looks like they have some major benefits too. Most of the rooms on ROOMORAMA seem to be locally-owned establishments/houses/apartments, rented out anywhere from 1-10 nights, and can fit anywhere from 1 person to 8 people. Even after including the Roomorama booking fees and taxes (~$4-8), the prices are cheaper than some hotels too.

There are so many more accommodation choices for big groups and individuals, romance or adventure, sea lovers or urbanites. Also, because you communicate directly with your host as opposed to an automated booking machine (your accommodation host indicates availability and emails/calls you directly), there is more room for special requests (“can I use your shampoo?”), local advice for the area you are in like (“is the Statue of Liberty really worth going to” or “where do the locals go to shop and eat around here”), and last but not least – my favorite – check-in/check-out flexibility. Ah, more time to roll around your bed if you feel like it.

This is no seedy love motel – but whether you’re a stylish traveller, a city traveller, a family traveller or a frequent traveller, there are a bunch of different types to suit every bang for every budget.


Check out this room I found via Roomorama that I’m dying to stay in. How many times in my life can I say I slept in an Italian castle?!

Mom: I’m going to get married here. You would love this place! We should live here forever, we can have a farm, you can have grandkids, Dad can open a little shop somewhere and retire. We can visit Thadd in London every month… How perfect.

Oh wait, I need to find a boyfriend/prince first.

Alas, shattered dreams.

Looks like the stuff of fairytales eh? Nope, quite a reality really, with only 100euros for a room per night (the castle has 40 rooms for guests to choose from).

The only problem is that, being a castle and all, my pick is in a land far far away (10km away from the nearest train station and 5km from the nearest village, to be exact).

So… I don’t have a driver’s license :(((( Can I cry now?

I know, someone slap me! I promise I will come back after I pass my driving in Singa.

Singa what?…

I hate to say this, but I don’t really miss home yet and I don’t want to come back!


Clickity click and follow my digital footprints to Roomorama’s website HERE.
From Australia to Asia, Europe and around America, which of these rooms would you use for your next adventure?


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