Give me just one night – Chilling like an Italiano in Milano

Good morning, Milan!



The fabric of Milan is it’s fashion, and along with this being a bad pun, they are all pretty expensive at that. I got a touch and taste of it today as I am rooming with a local up and coming fashion designer, and then roamed Quadrilateral D’ Oro (Rectangle of Gold) and its plethora of brands… none of which I could afford.






Starting from Monte Napoleone and ending at Viale De Spiga (my local milanese fashion designer host Catherina had some of her collection – Il Systema Degli Oggetti – showcased there and I wanted to check it out), all I had to do was follow the lights on this yellow brick road that glittered like gold.




I liked Il Systema Degli Oggetti’s stuff… the very helpful salesgirl showed me lots of their browns and easy to wear dresses and trousers. More in tune to the winter/fall season than Singapore’s summers though! (Facebook page here.)



Shopping in Milan is VERY expensive, in my opinion! I bought a bunch of nice stuff like Tom Ford perfume, but nothing too big… It was either a useless Gucci handbag or a week of skiing in Switzerland, and I leave for Switzerland tomorrow.

Me window shopping in Milan is like being on a diet in a candy store – there’s no point buying anything. Damn irritating!



I have to say though, you don’t know willpower till you fall in love with Dolce & Gabbana’s latest collection or Alan Journo’s Alexander Wang inspired accessories, and walk out of the boutiques empty handed and pockets still full. Hardest thing this week to do!




My stomach gurgled with emptiness though, and as I looked longingly – my eyes lighted with lust – through the glimmering window displays, I slowly strolled to the nearest restaurant.



It’s the duomo! No, it’s a museum! No, it’s… MacDonalds!

No, I didn’t eat here. I started to pound the pavement and found some pretty restaurants.


I peeked in and smiled – it had apertivo time – score. (See my previous post about apertivo.)

I had a glass of wine and a platter of different pastas all for 9euros – my cheapest meal in Italy yet.

Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 12.15.27 AM


A night walk ensued.



The famous Scala Theatre – wanted to watch an opera but alas, it’s ballet season.

The Duomo in Milano

These bicycles for rent were in little stations all over Milan city, to help locals move quickly and freely in between traffic around the city. It also helps the environment and reduces congestion among cars. I think bicycle rentals were for 30-60 minutes at each time.



A quick 10-minuti metro ride meant I was back to my cosy attic room in the very spacious Milanese studio apartment that I got via Roomorama (only 59euros for the night), and another perk of NOT staying in a hotel meant I was winding down and cosying up with lovely Caterina as I sink into her slouchy bean bag and chat with her model+photographer boyfriend.


Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 11.58.27 PM


Caterina’s in the kitchen cooking dinner, and as her hand stirs the pot I can only imagine her mind is brewing up her next design for the catwalk.

Big thanks to Roomorama for sponsoring my Milanese studio apartment and offering me this incredible overnight opportunity.

Short-term rentals - Bed&Breakfasts, houses and apartments for all sorts of travelers


DSC04572 - Version 2


2 thoughts on “Give me just one night – Chilling like an Italiano in Milano

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  2. Hey, I chanced upon your blog while googling “Singaporeans in Milan”.

    The Aperitivo looks dammmmmnnnn good!! Mind telling me the address if it still sits well in your memory? 😉

    Random person from the World Wide Web

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