Musings on My New Job

“How is your new job?” Said one.
“Are you liking it?” Said some.

The truth is, I’m tired, very tired, but very happy. I think I finally found something that was meant to be. Older people have this saying, “if you like your job, you never work a day in your life” – and they are right. It’s only been two weeks, but it doesn’t feel like two weeks at all.

Working for a beautiful 5-star hotel is quite exciting – why didn’t I think of this before? Her workers are like an army from all over the world, their megawatt smile is their only weapon as they stand straight and report for uniformed duty – in this small yet picturesque part of Singapore’s sunny shores. Hup 1 2 3, hup!

No one has an office with a view like mine, nor the endless opportunity to not just greet but meet CEOs, VIPs and full-fledged royalties. All pros have their cons though, and admittedly there are parts that are no fun. I do miss my free time, my friends, the long late dinners, the weekends. I live to tell tourists tales of my country and life stories, and hearing about their own. How energizing it is to be hearing about Hong Kong from a Honkie, or Europe from an European. I find myself distractedly dreaming of holidays, friends who are on holidays, and the jolly festive season coming up… Great, more work for me.

Aside from running in heels, we run on fumes. But it’s okay, because we love what we do, and so we are good at what we do.


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