Girls and Make-Up – Why oh why do we put on make-up.

The street to stalk for Singaporean chio-bus

I can’t seem to step into the Singapore streets around town without first seeing fellow girls dolled and dappered up with coloured contact lenses and false eyelashes.

I don't know who she is, but I thought I should show a random chiobu's (pretty girl's) picture for illustration purposes.

It’s like a daily fashion show, a beauty pageant, or as if they are going to rock up into a club at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. But no, it’s only Orchard Road.

Ok, these girls aren't the typical Orchard Road mei meis but I think you get my drift.

Of course, I’m not any huge exception.

A guy friend told me the other day that he preferred to see me wearing natural-coloured lenses, as opposed to the big-eyed ultra barbie doll lens sorts that have an enormous cult following among most Asian girls.
My Dad tells me everyday that I’m beautiful, hoping that I would wear less make-up, and the guy I last dated also said that I don’t need it – “babe, you look better when you’re au natural”.

So why oh why do Asian girls (from Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, etc) pack on the makeup? Are you men all lying douchebags, or do we honestly not look that bad?
Should we lay off the lipstick?
Are we just building on the pressure (and powder) on ourselves unnecessarily?

Theory #1 – We are crazy.

We're crazy, we're psycho! No, we're just insecure about our flaws.

Theory #2 – We have nothing else to spend our money on.


Theory #3 – It makes us feel like (or look like) a brand new person.

Makeup can change your life

Theory #4 – Beautiful women never lose a fight…
Because they know how to MAKE-UP.

And so these are my 4 theories on why girls put on makeup.

Guys – If your girlfriend wears too much makeup, please ask her to read my next blog post.


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