Korean Girl Wears Makeup For 2 Years

Does your girlfriend wear a lot of makeup? Ask her to take a look at this.

I saw this on my friend Audrey‘s blog post and just had to share it.

The admittedly pretty girl you see above is Bae Dal-mi, a South Korean girl who had chosen to wear her makeup full-time, 24 hours a day for two years. Making a point to never be seen with her bare face, she pretty much just kept applying and retouching her makeup day after day.

20-year-old Bae Dal-mi stepped into the world of makeup when she was 14 and seemed to fall in love since that first application. In developing her skills on applying, she came to apply more and more so that her makeup was more like a mask. Though it was also a face that she liked and became dependent on enough that she didn’t ever want to see herself without it.

Despite being considered rather pretty, Bae also revealed that she was dissatisfied with her appearance and wanted cosmetic/plastic surgery on at least 10 areas of her face.

Even around family and at home, she became a bit obsessed with her makeup and chose to not remove it, even at night. “I wanted to look perfect at all times, I even slept with the makeup on,” she shares. Everywhere she goes, she makes sure to have a mirror handy as her most important item and also to use it to retouch her makeup, by applying layer after layer over her existing makeup.

In the last two years, Dal-mi has not used any makeup remover. This led her mother, so frustrated with her daughter’s makeup obsession, to contact a TV station to share her story and hopefully be able to convince her to finally remove her makeup mask.

During the show, she had a visit to the dermatologist and the group of doctors managed to get her to remove the two year’s worth of makeup on her skin. After a skin checkup, they actually revealed that her skin was two times older than her actual age…making it 40 years old and not something that a young adult should have. Not to mention the loads of small bumps that lay lurking underneath.

But it’s a side effect to the type of damage that can occur from keeping makeup on your skin for so long. Besides the early aging, it also brings about clogged pores.

With the help of the show’s makeup artists, they were able to transform her makeup routine to something that was a bit more natural and with as minimal makeup as possible. She was pleased enough to be satisfied with this new look that let her feel more like herself and fresh. She was even happy enough to remove her blond wig!
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I bet you think us girls are crazy, but hey there are some men out there who don’t like to shower.


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