Take Me To The Beat – FREE ZoukOut Tickets & Premiums

Zouk has always been one of my favourite clubs, and I last attended ZoukOut with friends from Singapore and Australia in 2009 – it was pretty awesome.

Time flies, tick tock tick… take me to the beat.

DID YOU KNOW? ZoukOut is THIS Saturday. I almost forgot! I’ve completely lost touch, and maybe you have too.

So, to help you survive ZoukOut, I’ve put together a quick cheat survival list to take you to the beat in case, well, YOU DIDN’T KNOW.


Every year, smarter party-goers pre-plan their entry and escape to ZoukOut, because cabs will be a nightmare and the only thing worse than a traffic jam is a human jam.

If you don’t have a hotel room at Sentosa to hide out at, better book a cab a few hours in advance with the ‘advance cab’ option – At least ComfortDelGro is raising the advance booking fee from S$7.30 to $8 AFTER ZoukOut on Monday 12 Dec!

Expect lots of jams on the way to Sentosa and back


Take it from a fellow music festival appreciator – ZoukOut is THE annual music festival to be at every year.
Rain or shine, masses of Singaporeans and visitors get together to drink, grind, and perv cute young girls’ behinds.

BUT! What’s the point of going to a dance festival if you don’t dance? Take a tip or 3 from my new favourite YouTube hottie – Petra.


Need to look good for ZoukOut this Saturday? It’s not too late! Here’s a quick cheat.

Try getting a new outfit or bikini (I fully adore the new bikini I got today from Gemini Bodyworks at Delfi Orchard), although I am suddenly regretting the abundant amounts I’ve been eating this year. Besides a new bikini, what I really wanted was a new body.

I thought that was a silly impossible wish, until I saw this.

Abs in a week before ZoukOut? Yes you can! It only takes a minute!

Yes, maybe you think that drawing on abs is stupid, but under the dark and drunk ZoukOut beat, no one will notice. I’ve done this before!

Yeah!! I’m going to rock the beat at ZoukOut this year with my new bikini and fake abs.


Partygoers at this year’s ZoukOut have helped to create the SingTel ZoukOut Anthem, a super special dance track that is composed through moods, emotions, and an innovative Beat Box machine.


Beep beep boop! A range of beats were blasted from the Beat Box machine’s touch screen computer programme. They were located around Cineleisure as well as Zouk the last 3 weeks for some magical musical moments.



The public submitted their beats online as well. There was no limit to the number of submissions per person and one lucky participant won 5 ZoukOut tickets plus 20 drink coupons worth S$600!

One Tribe Party! – Zouk’s resident DJ, djB, then compiled these beats, representing the vibe of the party tribe.

So hold your hands up high, to where your beats dance in the sky! Listen to the SingTel ZoukOut Anthem 2011 here.


New customers who sign up for a SingTel Mobile Youth Plan (3G Flexi Youth Plan & above) will receive a free ticket to ZoukOut 2011. Purchases made with a HTC handset get an additional ticket.

Existing customers are appreciated too – successful referrals of a friend for above SingTel Mobile Youth Plans will also get a free ticket for ZoukOut 2011 and exclusive handset deals.

More details here.


Thanks for reading this far! Now that you know how to survive ZoukOut, what’s the fun if you don’t go?

I have a bunch of ZoukOut tickets and consolation prizes of premium packs to giveaway so we can share the love and party together as one tribe.

In picture:
ZoukOut Passes (“Tribal Call”)
Drink Vouchers (“Free Spirit”)
Friendship Bands (“Mystic Band”)
Tribal Headbands (“Spirit Quill”)
Finger Torches
Water (“Motion Potion”)
Zouk Robots (“Toy Bot”)



Win ZoukOut tickets or premium packs – Which company is teaming up with ZoukOut this year for the anthem?

All you need is to LEAVE A COMMENT on THIS BLOG POST with the answer BY THURSDAY 8 DECEMBER 2011, 11.59PM.

(Please email me at loveyouwrongtime@gmail.com with your name, comment and contact phone number as well.)

I will randomly pick and announce the winners on Friday 9 Dec and get in touch with them directly on the collection of prizes.

(If you do not hear from me by Fri afternoon, you probably did not win anything, sorry! Try again next time.)

I will be at the magnificent 20m high SingTel teepee at ZoukOut this year playing with the Beat Box machine. SingTel will also give away special goodies for visitors at the teepee from 8pm to 2am.

Let’s take it to the beat with AVB and Avicii!

This blog post and contest is brought to you by ZoukOut 2011 and SingTel.


61 thoughts on “Take Me To The Beat – FREE ZoukOut Tickets & Premiums

  1. Hahahaha! Great post and lovin the six-pack.

    I’m a bit confused. Why is Petra’s post on ‘How to get a 6-pack in One Minute’ 5 minutes and 16 seconds long?

    The answer is Singtel I hope..

  2. Well.. I suppose is singtel… And I’m sure ZoukOut party gonna be more crazy fun and much more better for this year 2011!!

  3. Well.. I suppose is singtel.. And I’m sure this year 2011 coming ZoukOut gonna be more crazy awesome and much more better too!!

  4. Tough one…. could it possibly be, oh i dont know…SingTel?
    Should find a way to get Petra to do instructionals at zoukout…

  5. “This blog post and contest is brought to you by ZoukOut 2011 and SingTel.”

    Singtel! Haha…. 😛

    Ps: Point #1 has a small problem:-

    Original text : “ComfortDelGro is raising the advance booking fee from S$7.30 to $8 AFTER ZoukOut on Monday 12 Dec!”

    Should be text: “ComfortDelGro is raising the advance booking fee from S$5.20 to $8 AFTER ZoukOut on Monday 12 Dec!

  6. hey hon…. i need passes to zouk out!
    7 years out of Singapore.. and even when I was here..I have never been 😦
    good to see you at Pangaea the other night. will you be there again?

  7. Hi Estelle hahahah / first thing that came to y mind was the drive round Singapore when u needed to piss so badly. anyway nice reading your blog for the first time =) havent gottem my tickets yet though so why not give it a try for fun =) thanks for inviting anyway. Sere u at Zoukout nonetheless.


    and yes its 245am. u know i’m always late anyways. it was fun reading though n at the same time, dropping u a msg, see you anyways! =)

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