Marina Bay Spectacular: Take A Lover’s Walk With Me

Take a lover’s walk with me
Make a date and grab someone’s hand
Put on your midnight shoes
As we stroll across this waterfront land

The charitrees (Charity-trees)
Light up the night and my heart
I can feel the generosity as they glitter down the street
Christmas week is about to start.

The rain is almost gone
The air whispers coolly
I brush my fingers through my hair
We’re definitely reporting for pleasure duty

You can almost stare
Straight into the soul of the glimmering bay
It glows and it shows
Its bedazzling beauty

I spot many national icons,
Like The Fullerton Hotel
Snap your smile with my Nikon
The Esplanade brings mental durian smells

The Singapore Flyer is rimmed with fire colours
It makes me wonder about fireworks on New Year’s Day
It would be a pretty place to bring you, to kiss you
And see your eyes sparkle with what I’m about to say

“This is a perfect date – Marina Bay.”

All photos have been taken with a Nikon P300.

There are many activities (FREE too) around the Marina Bay this festive season. Want to know more? Tune in to my upcoming blog posts, read what my other fellow official ambassadors have to say and follow our Facebook news channel.

Counting down to the countdown at Marina Bay


4 thoughts on “Marina Bay Spectacular: Take A Lover’s Walk With Me

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