PUMA nominee – Social Hall of the Infamous behind the scenes photoshoot

Hey guys, I was super duper lucky to nominated for the PUMA Social Hall of the Infamous competition this year. #pumasingapore

Guess what category I was nominated for? As a “SMOOTH TALKER”. Oh yeah, baby.

The photoshoot for the campaign was held at Home Club – can’t believe I’ve never been! I hear the music is a bit underground and indie, I’ll have to come and check it out one of these nights.

Got dolled up and dressed up as a PUMA girl.

The boys behind the scenes who made magic happen…

I made some happy snaps from some of the other nominees for the other categories. My favorite categories were “shot downer” and “photo bomber”!

This is the ping pong hogger, I thought her shots were the cutest. I wish I had a prop! Smooth talkers have nothing but big lips:(

(Big lips.)

Got to meet and greet the PUMA peeps.

Me with PUMA’s marketing brains + beauty.

Larissa with the nominee from the photo bomber category! I like!

Photographer for the day: Chuck Reyes

***Thanks to all the amazing people who went down to the Level 2, SOMERSET 313 PUMA Store to cast their votes for me.***

I went down to the store the other day to check it out with my girls Maytinee and Natasha, and saw a bunch of “likes” on my poster! Aww, really feeling the love. Thanks guys:)

Voting is now closed and PUMA is announcing the winners for all the categories at Home Club, TONIGHT! The weather is getting me feeling quite down but despite my sneezing, I’m still a bit stoked for it.

Wish me lots of luck, love, and sugar with honey lemon water.


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