#MarinaBay2012: The Bubbling and Bobbling Wish List

Have you taken a walk down the Marina Bay and wondered what the little floating bubbles in the water are? I have.

No fishes here… just wishes. These floating plastic whites are actually wishing spheres, bubbling and bobbling on this bay where life began in Singapore. People like you and me around the country have gone to various stations to express their wishes and dreams for the New Year 2012, inking the spheres with love from all over Singapore, and filling the bay with 20,000 of these wishing spheres.

Imagine if one sphere held 10 wishes, and 20,000 spheres held 200,000 wishes? My math is not great but hey, that’s fishing for A LOT of wishing.

My favourite wish I saw – “Green 4ever!” Don’t worry wish-makers, all inking is done with non-toxic markers.

I did a video recording for Marina Bay too, which will combine magic moments with other wishes into one huge giant superpowered wish list… just one of the cool things happening for #MarinaBay2012 NYE’s spectacular countdown.

I suggested to shoot at Clifford Pier, one of the iconic places that I love to bring my tourist friends when they visit. Back in the day (built in 1933), it was the landing point for immigrants and sea passengers, and probably even some of your great-grandparents. A red lantern hung from the pier for seafarers, earning the pier the Chinese name Red Lamp Pier: 红灯码头.

Yes, you can almost smell Singapore’s history in the breezy waterfront air. I’m proud to be Singaporean, and to give my home a piece of my heart.

2011 was filled with food, friends, family and amazing things for myself, and so I hope 2012 will let me do more for others.

On my wishing sphere: “Dear Singapore, I love you. I hope all of you show the love too! -Estelle”

All pictures taken with the Nikon P300.

Share your love with me and this lion city. What’s on your wish list?

This is post #3 of a 6-part blog post series for the Marina Bay countdown brought to you by OMY SG, Urban Redevelopment Authority & Marina Bay Singapore.
For more updates around this, check out their Facebook Page here and follow my blog posts.
It’s going to be a spectacular showcase to soak in the end of 2011, and beginning of 2012!


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