Countdown deets – Marina Bay is going to make a magnificent NYE

Got the heads up about some of the plans for Marina Bay this NYE 31-12-11 and thought to share them with you! It’s going to be super beautiful.

Marina Bay holds one of the biggest countdowns in Singapore for sure. First and foremost, the fireworks are apparently always spectacular. This year, they set off from the octagonal-shaped pontoons moored in the waters to allow spectators in every corner of the bay to enjoy a stunning pyrotechnic display.

Complementing the various formations of fireworks that rocket through the sky, there will also be more low-level fireworks skipping over the surface of the bay to create an up-close-and-personal experience.

The 20,000 wishing spheres scattered across the bay will ditch their daily white colour to light up in it’s own visual display. The scene will dance nicely with the midnight fireworks I’m sure!

Countdown is bay bound, now how about the sound? The sound of silence wouldn’t be a celebratory appropriate, so it’s a good thing that there is a specially choreographed piece of music for the occasion.

All played in grand synchronisation to the theme “Celebration of Life”, the fireworks display and music will reflect the soul of the community, unifying the people as we recount our experiences and greet the New Year with hope and joy.

So appropriate to celebrate this on the Bay of Water, Hope and Light.

Most of the spots along Marina Bay should make a good night (free also!), and there will be activities going on all around as well. I’m going to countdown to the New Year from atop the roof of the Fullerton Bay Hotel, which houses one of my favorite rooftop bars in Singapore – Lantern.

Where are YOU counting down to the New Year?

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This is post #5 of a 6-part blog post series for the Marina Bay countdown brought to you by OMY SG, Urban Redevelopment Authority & Marina Bay Singapore.
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