Introduce Yourself. – A/S/L?

Have u ever been at a party or met new people? I’m sure you have.

Someone asks you to introduce yourself. “Who are you?” Everyone looks at you, waiting for an answer.

That’s right. Who am I? What should I say? What makes me “me”? Will it impress them, or sound depressing?

I’ve been to many parties, met many new people and heard many introductions. Most responses fall into these few categories:

1) You tell them your name and job
2) You tell them who you know and how you were invited
3) You tell them any details that could be relevant to the party (I.e. Talking about Dali at an art-based party)

Why do we say these things? Have we affixed our identity with our job, the things we did last night, the people we know or hang around with? Is that what really makes you “you”?

Of course, I’ve also introduced myself way too many times. Sometimes I tell people my age, or about my full-time job. Sometimes I talk about my blog. Sometimes I explain my existence at the party. Hey sometimes, I even give them a fake name. (“Hi, I’m Savannah.” It’s fun to make up names, u can try it sometime!)

Most times though, I wish I could say what I’m really thinking.
That “it’s cold”, “I need to pee”, “I am not interested in the things you are saying” or ” I am craving some chocolate ice-cream”.

I wish I could tell people who I really am, what I hate and love, what makes my heart burst, or about my saviour Jesus who put this soul in my body. Those things are truly what makes me “me”.

But for now, I’m just a 25yo/female/lived in Melbourne and is now living la Vida local in Singapore.


If I ask you who you are, I want to truly know who you are.

I want to get to know you, not who you know or what u do.

Go ahead… Introduce yourself.


5 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself. – A/S/L?

  1. Hi Estelle, I am interested to get to know you better… I’m Nicoloas, 34 this year, local chinese. My philosophy of life is simple, That is, Living Life to the Fullest Everyday. Though easier said then done with work, projects, assigments..etc… it issn’t easy to control how you wanna lead your life but still… choose to enjoy every part of it…

    • Thanks Nicholas. I definitely life my life to the fullest every second of the day 🙂 Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with taking a step back to stop and smell the roses though. We can find happiness in quietness too – I’m learning to do more of that.

      • I have an aunt presently staying in Melbourne, Australia. Comparing to life there and Singapore, I think it’s hell of alot more stressful here. So when did you come back to Singapore? i presume you did your Degree course
        over there?

  2. Love this post! Well said!
    People definitely need to start looking at peoples hearts and not just straight through them…
    Jus as how i see u as loving, kind hearted and thoughtful person and not just a famous, good looking blogger. 😉
    Don’t go blushin now! 🙂

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