Long Distance Lovin’ and Online Dating – From Singapore to Sweden

I believe in a lot of things, but I also believe in love.

When I was in high school, one of my longest relationships (~2 years) was long distance. I sucked quite a bit at it.

Talk is cheap, and talking online for 2 years without physicality is no easy feat. But this boy from Singapore did it! He met the girl on Facebook and shows his love on social media (YouTube) – all the way to Sweden.

What if they met each other for the first time and…
… The girl had really bad tantrums?
… The guy was really bad in bed?
… One of them had funny feet and never revealed it?
… They liked each other online but just didn’t like each other IRL (in real life)?

Looks like the ‘what ifs’ are more like ‘whatevers’. They seem so happy to just hang out, cuddle and kiss. The video is so sweet, simple yet strong.

This just further affirms me that I should wait for a man who doesn’t just say that he loves me, but shows that he does.

Waiting and praying, for my own Prince Charming.
*scratches and itches*


One thought on “Long Distance Lovin’ and Online Dating – From Singapore to Sweden

  1. i think she changed abit when back in sweeden… i could be wrong, but she looked in lala land traveling to sg. but back in reality in sweeden, and very conscious of what she was doing. even the cry at the airport, i saw some looks over his shoulder… kinda like she should be doing that. and he was just into her as usual. somebody once said that passionate kissing with eyes open is a sign of fakeness. she changed from closed in sg to open in sweeden. but im an old cynical ba*tard.

    also, nice blog. strong on the intro. and i’m from sg, but left cuz i din totally like it. to me, a chinese grandpa complaining about taxi fares is a chinese grandpa complaining about taxi fares. then i’d take it to -> and then you get in the taxis, and every uncle is complaining about… bla bla… and suddenly, i end up sounding like the uncles and grandpas, just complaining all the time.

    but you have really romanticised things that i find abhorrent (soz 4 the big word)

    good on you for finding the positive in light of what i feel is 600km2 of overwhelming negativity.

    keep up the good work.

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