Marriage is like a tub of ice-cream?

Working for a bar has its fun.

Tonight, I spoke with a couple of men in suits and we talked about love.

They asked me if I was married. I explained that I needed a boyfriend first, that was how it worked right? “I think you missed a couple of steps.” I lamented.

They laughed.

I asked them if it was because I was fat? “I look like I’m in the second trimester of pregnancy, right?”

They vehemently denied. I accepted and moved on.

We talked about marriage. I said that marriage was in theory, a good idea. In theory, a lot of things are good ideas. In theory, eating a tub of ice-cream is a good idea.

But then, I joked, that you might feel sick after. Sometimes, it might even make you puke.

The men in suits loved this. They were both married, so obviously they already had eaten the tub of ice-cream.

They said don’t do it, for fear of being sick of this tub of ice-cream.

Man #1 chuckled. “Don’t eat the tub, but rather take the time to sample as many flavours as you want! Chocolate on a Monday, Mint on a Tuesday, Caramel on a Wednesday. Maybe you would like the Cherry flavour too!”

Yes, man #2 nodded vigorously. “Eat more and eat merry!”

Now now, I’m not a multiple flavours sort of person, nor have I been asked by anyone to consider marriage.

I do believe however that love is like ice-cream – you can serve and savour it slowly, but I suggest you enjoy and eat it before it melts away.

Picture from my post on a href=””>Magnum’s Pleasure Palace, 5/6/2011

Have you eaten the tub of ice-cream? Would you?


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