An Afternoon Champagne Experiment – Dom Perignon VS Salon


For those who have lived in Singapore for most of your life, you might have like me, been shaken with a slight shift in the party scene.

With flocks of F&B outlets to compete and endless new friends to meet and greet, it’s no wonder I see throngs of crowds now sippin’ their drink in the day and quite easily slipping past sunset to party the night away.

Working in this line means I feel like a bystander most times, occasional indulger at off/after-hours.

I had a good moment with some old and new friends the other sunny afternoon, as we huddled around an oblong corner table in what felt like a Sydney-style restaurant/bar concept. It must have been all that glass, foreign men, or that the open Marina Bay-view surroundings were not typical of the old Singapore that I was used to. When did my city get so modern? I hugged my bare shoulders and sought air-con comfort in my new glassed-up safehouse.

The bottles came very quickly and we swigged down the difference between Dom Perignon 2002 and Salon ‘S’ Blanc de Blancs 1997.

Dom Perignon is one of the higher end brands produced by Moet Chandon, While Champagne Salon is from the magnificent Laurent-Perrier group.

Everyone preferred Champagne Salon – it was my first time chasing this champagne experience and the Chardonnay grapes in this brand must have been grown for easy-drinking. Dom Perignon has a different make-up of Chardonnay grapes with Pinot Noir grapes, and I could softly taste this blend in the bubbles.

Bubble up and bottoms up!

Other notes: We had some of their canapés here which was okay, but there was this one vegetarian pizza dish that had too much cheese and too little of anything else. I’m definitely coming back for the Oysters and weekday breakfasts (full menu here).

Picture credit and area of indulgence for the day:
OYSTER BAR at Customs House
Address: 70 Collyer Quay #01-01, Singapore 049323
Enquiries: 6534 5534
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place

This post is purely personal, unpaid, unplugged and does not represent the views of any organization that I may be working for in the present or future.


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