Raindrops in Dempsey


This could have possibly been the worst way to explore Dempsey, but we did.

Our first stop was the beautiful White Rabbit. (It used to be a church. Now they have cake, champagne and parties.) We got there a bit after 5pm, but sitting there in all its splendor, we could sadly only have ice water. Alas – the kitchen was closed till 630pm. The staff were very nice and service was polite, they felt sorry for us and lent us an umbrella.

So we trooped on.

Next stop was PS Cafe. I like the ambience but I find the food quality quite general. We entered slowly and smiling – we were also dying for some chocolate therapy. They said they were also closed and would not let us in till 630pm. Could we have anything at all to eat? Drink? How about even sitting and waiting for the rain to pass? No, no, no, we were told.

I did what I did best – beg – and asked to see the manager. I told her our sob story and she allowed us 10 minutes to buy a slice of cake and eat it. Better than nothing! The staff seemed a bit unwilling, unsmiling, even as we sat among numerous expats who were wining and dining and laughing from a long lunch. “It’s ok that they could stay? But we were treated like a kitchen delay?” I mused. Ania saw me already frowning as I looked around.

Nevermind, onto our quick treat! To satiate our sweet greed, we indulged in choc fudge cake paired alongside vanilla ice cream.

It cost $18, 10 minutes, and an adventure for this… Do you think it was worth it? So much for chocolate cake cravings in rain-ridden Dempsey!


Lesson learnt: We don’t know why, but it seems that much of Dempsey is closed on a Sunday from 5pm-6.30pm. You might want to avoid those timings too. Rain optional!


One thought on “Raindrops in Dempsey

  1. hi thanks for writing, I’ve been enjoying your reviews, which have been very helpful (especially for clubbing) – they helped me locate club ‘family groups’ including Pangaea, Mink, their sister clubs etc…

    i was at White rabbit once for an evening cocktail event, thought it was beautiful in a chic ‘Melrose place’ way, though that was awhile back.. nice to know what its like in day.

    Its been occasionally heartwarming to learn of your challenges facing people and negotiating your own values… some party people can be real flakes (you probably know 🙂 – but we live, love and grow regardless.

    its cool to know good people in the social scene… so dance on Estelle : )

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