Party-Walking with Johnnie Walker, Black Circuit Lounge SG – 21 April 2012

Party-rocking is such an overrated word. When I think of the word ‘rocking’, I imagine an old person rocking back and forth on a slow and creeky rocking chair.

Not cool.

Why not try party-walking?

Yes, you heard me! Keep it classy and keep walking to this by-invitation only party, which is happening again next week. Most of the party people in the know look forward to Johnnie Walker’s events – for one, the people are always creme de la creme, and number two, a promising line up of global DJs are always flown in to please them.

The last party set in KL exploded with DJ SmithAgentSmith from the US, DJ Dim Sum from HK and DJ Politik from LA. We all know that music makes you move! See how they prepared for the last party here.

This upcoming Jet Black Party will be no different.

Johnnie Walker will make you feel like a celebrity when you move to the tunes of DJ Cassidy, who has played for A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Turner, The Black Eyes Peas, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and even… President Barack Obama! This is going to be one grand entrance.

Looks like Johnnie Walker will be borrowing a hand or two from Taiwan’s infamous party scene as well… I’m pumped to hear that we will be hearing DJ KAKU of Marquee in Taipei, which is one of my favourite pre-party places in Taiwan. We all know Taiwan has some of the best parties, so get ready for a dose of this next week in Singapore.

She may be little, she may be last but she’s definitely not the least! If DJ Crystal Q from Spark Taipei can’t tempt you with her sexy and energetic music, I don’t know what will.

Enjoy the beats, and don’t worry if you don’t drink whisky neat! Special Johnnie Walker cocktails concocted by world-class mixologists will keep the sweet ladies on their feet.

(At the last KL party, I loved the Chocolate cocktail most and also this other cocktail which was mixed in with coconut notes. The dry ice look was a conversation starter and yet so easy to drink. I hope they bring these to the palette at Singapore’s upcoming party, they were such a hit in KL!)

No camera? No worries. With RIFD technology supporting this party, you can tap in your entry pass and sync your party activities to Facebook. You can forget your camera, but just don’t forget to take a picture at the Johnnie Walker photo booth and see the instant update on your Facebook.

Mix in high-end interactive party experiences, and you’ll want to throw your hands up in the air like we did.

Do you really need any more reason to celebrate?

Exclusive invite-only, free flow Jet Black party – presented by Johnnie Walker.

It’s a date!
Saturday, 21 April 2012, 9.30pm onwards.

For now, it’s still a secret location which will only be revealed to invited guests.

Simply answer the following question as a COMMENT on this BLOG POST and you could be party-walking to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party very soon! Just tell me:

Why do you want to attend the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party?

Leave your comment-answer here by the end of this week, Sunday 15 Apr 2012 AND email your name and contact details to with the subject – “Party-Walk”.

The winner with the coolest answer will be picked and the results will be announced on my blog on 16 Apr, so do check back to see if you’ve won.

Party no enough? You can also check out this Jet Black party app. Play some games and you might win a few invites! (***Update: This has closed.***)

Blast from the party past:
Lara, Dawn, Fay and I being photobombed backstage by guest DJ SmithAgentSmith and JW KL’s Brand Manager Charles James Wright; 3 weeks ago in KL Malaysia’s Black Circuit Lounge.

Come celebrate and party-walk with us, and with style.

We don’t drink and drive, and neither should you.

**********UPDATE ON WINNER***********

The winner of the above contest was picked by closing my eyes and scrolling down, and then pointing to the screen. Sorry lah, short cut.

Congrats to Spring Tan aka Koreen who had commented below! You have won yourself a pair of tickets to party-walk with Johnnie Walker this Saturday.

Big congrats to one of my favourite bloggers Darren Ng who won the VIP Blogger treatment of 4 bottles + butler service for him and his friends. I’m sure you won’t miss spotting him having a good time at the Jet Black Party!

Thank you for reading my blog and I’ll be rewarding you for it in many more posts/contests/presents to come! Share the love! 😉 xxx


8 thoughts on “Party-Walking with Johnnie Walker, Black Circuit Lounge SG – 21 April 2012


  2. I wanted to attend Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party because it is one of the most glamorous party with a exclusive list of global DJ line up headlining by the renowned DJ CASSIDY spinning some of the top party dance music on the charts.

    The one other Jet Black Party experience i would loathe to miss is my favourite Johnnie Walker cocktails which will be aplenty on the day for fans like me to enjoy.

  3. I don’t need to go to this party, this party needs me to go to it, and the reason why is someone needs to be there to make sure Estelle Kiora stays classy! And who better to do that than a cute boy she can party-walk with all night!

    Now show me some love!

  4. I am a supporter of Johnnie Walker. My favourite is the blue label. I heard much about the party but never have a chance to be invited. I have recently resigned from my current job and on long garden leave until end of April before I get very busy again travelling around Asia Pacific. As I am not able to go overseas during this period of time as per instructed. I am still under company payroll to stay home. Thus this may be about the only few periods of my life that I be able to party hard and not worry about hangover and fatigue over the next few days after partying! Joining special event is an experience that money can’t buy. If I can choose to join one invited party, my choice will be Johnnie walker for the glamour and uniqueness.

  5. Without johnnie walker, my life would be in darkness. It is the only chance for me to fulfill my everlasting dream to lick every drop of johnnie walker

  6. I would love to enjoy with all beautiful people in the party, best crowd and glamorous VIP party. Most importantly people I have met in last JW Jet Black are awesome. Johnnie Walker “keep walking”, you have bring love among us.

  7. I want to win tickets so that my friends and i can have the chance of a lifetime to experience an A-list party Johnny walker style! Keep walking, keep the johnny walker coming and keep party rockin!:)

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