‎Dawn Yang and I DIDN’T win the Asiarooms Social Travel Star competition

… But as we promised, here’s some silly stuff we did while filming it. Did we make a good team?

Dawn and I wore matching purple outfits… I am like the yin to her yang.


This short bloopers video was made as a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped vote for us during the competition. We really really love you!

Credit and big ups to MinistryOfFunny for supporting us with this creative collaboration!
Facebook page here. Other funny videos on their YouTube Channel here.

The main competition activity – Present and review 5 different pictures of a hotel, on the spot. Personality optional!
Words and phrases Dawn and I used that day – “luxe”, “disco”, “Moroccan”, “I feel like I’m in Dubai”, “almost infinity”, “what is up with the tyres? Is it a slide, or art?”

Competition filming and flirting:

Congrats to Kelly Latimer and Adam Osman for winning the competition. They sounded (and looked) like professionals to begin with! Guess we didn’t really stand a chance with the stiff competition.

Thank you Asiarooms, for the chance to be a top 10 finalist in their search for the next Social Travel Star. I think Dawn and I would make great social travel stars, but it was greater that we got to make the journey with new friends who had similar passions. May the force be with us next time!

My favourite duo/new friends – Andrea and Jemimah 🙂

Before you book your next holiday destination, check Asiarooms to see if you can get any deals on your favourite hotel rooms.

Here’s another TRAVEL TIP!
When travelling, pack all your clothes and your money.
Then, take half the clothes
And twice the money. 😉

Till my next adventure….

If you don’t know what this is all about, check out my blog post with memes explaining the competition:
Have you seen my Hotel 81 video with Dawn Yang yet?


4 thoughts on “‎Dawn Yang and I DIDN’T win the Asiarooms Social Travel Star competition

  1. Aww, that sucks. You two were great in your Hotel 81 video and I was looking forward to plenty more crazy antics and humour from both of you. (Although just quietly, I adore Kelly’s accent, so that’s a consolation prize for me I guess LOL). Hopefully you and Dawn will consider doing something similar anyway!!

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