I hate People.

Hey, A-hole. Just because I work at a bar, doesn’t mean I must be a drunk.

Just because you see me in a club, doesn’t mean all I want to do in life is party.

Just because you don’t see the work I do, doesn’t mean I don’t work hard.

Just because you don’t support what I do, doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Just because you don’t know if I’m right, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

This may not be a very Christian post (for starters, at the start, there is some swearing) so I apologize. But sometimes, I really hate people.

Sometimes, I really hate this world.

Dear God, why did you put me here?


2 thoughts on “I hate People.

  1. Haters gonna hate Estelle, so just ignore them. Usually they’re just jealous of others life/success/work ethic/etc instead of channeling that jealously into doing something good in their own life. Remember that for every one of them, there’s a 1000 or more that do get you and I’m sure that you inspire them.

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