Anthon Berg’s The Generous Store: A lot of chocolate, for a lot of good deeds.

Just found an inspiring alternative payment model which revolves around one of my much loved topics… CHOCOOOOLATE!

For one day only, Anthon Berg opened a pop up shop and sold it’s chocolates by enabling customers to pay with a good deed, rather than cash, rightfully calling it ‘The Generous Store’.

“Conceived by ad agency Robert/Boison & Like-minded, the project featured a temporary outlet in Denmark – open for one day only – which labeled each of its products with a task the consumer must perform in order to ‘buy’ the chocolate. Designed to spread generosity, the tasks typically included a good deed to someone else, such as ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’ or ‘Help clean a friend’s house’. Cashiers were replaced by staff carrying iPads, where chocolate-buyers could log into their Facebook accounts and pledge to carry out the favor via a branded post on their wall. Anthon Berg was able to view the results of the promises when visitors to the store then posted pictures and comments on the company Facebook Page.”

Summary and article heard from Springwise.

This was a great campaign and branding exercise for the company to portray itself as generous and socially-minded.

For chocolate, I would do a lot of things… especially a lot of good deeds. 🙂
#GenerosityIsSweet !


One thought on “Anthon Berg’s The Generous Store: A lot of chocolate, for a lot of good deeds.

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