Miss Universe videos (Extremely sexy beauty queens make some sounds)

I just started watching the Miss Universe contestant videos on YouTube and the 2010 batch of videos are so brilliant! The beauty queens do the usual boring Q&A stuff but if you watch till the end, you get to see all the Miss Universes trade their sashes and tiaras for a variety of sound effects. Grizzly.

Here are some of my favourite interviews!
Miss Australia Universe is a winner in my books. Such great engagement with the camera! (I can’t believe she’s only 18!?)

Miss Korea Universe shows us that in Korea, cows and sheep are the same creature.

It just got worse after that…

Miss Sri Lanka Universe… speechless.

Miss China Universe had me at hello. It’s a bit difficult to understand what she is saying, but her sound effects are even worse.

Lesson learnt:
How do beauty queens attract men?
Other than wearing makeup, you can roar, moo, or do an impersonation of a robot! Who knew!


Good job to the social media team behind it, whoever it is! They should make the newer interviews funny and edgy, like the 2010 ones. Everyone wants to see a beauty queen do/say ridiculous and silly things.

Watch the rest of the girls on the Miss Universe YouTube Channel.

Who was your favourite? Or even better – who was your LEAST favourite?


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