BLOOD does not make us a family – LOVE does.


I just got back from an all-rounded adventure in Cebu, Phillippines yesterday (which I will definitely be blogging about soon), spent the previous weekend in Batam with 10 of my girlfriends for a SUPERhero themed party (pictures coming up this week!), and worked every single day and hour in between (as usual!).

Besides scattered messages & phone calls to my family among my various activities, I realized I hadn’t spent much of my birthday properly with the most important people in my life.:( And so, we dolled up in our shorts, t-shirt and flip flops… to celebrate my birthday in style!……

…We had a simple ‘Zi char’ dinner at a hawker centre, and I couldn’t be happier.

Who needs a fancy restaurant when you have the best company around?

Just like how the money we spend does not equate to the good time to be had, I realized that blood is not what makes us a family – but love does.

Thank you to everyone who has given me your love, time, and birthday greetings! Each and everyone of you make me feel like a part of a happy family.:-)


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