“I wanna tap you all night like an EZ link card” – National Night

Edgy video. Soulful R&B melody. Slightly sexy. Full of Singaporean references!

Found this video floating all over my Facebook feed today – I guess Mentos doesn’t want to be “the freshmaker”, now it wants to be the fireworks-maker.

It’s a simple-looking video, yet well done. Does anyone know who is the agency and creative behind the idea and execution? The voice talents are awesome too! The girl sounds like a well spoken Singaporean, but the male accent sounds very American. Which is fine, because I probably don’t want to hear a rap with a Singlish accent.

National Night by Mentos –

I’m not going to fall in love, but I am going to go out and buy a mentos now. (Maybe also a tau sau pau).

From Mentos YouTube channel:
Mentos is out to celebrate Singapore’s National Day in the freshest way possible. By celebrating in a way that is also going to help tackle the country’s unbelievably low birthrate.

This august 9th, Mentos calls on Singaporeans to show their love for their country by celebrating not just National Day, but National Night – a window of time in which to give the country the population spurt it so desperately needs.

*Only financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships should participate.


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