1st week after resignation/of being jobless


Hi follower/friend/freedom-fighter,

Last week I enjoyed my last day working at Lantern rooftop bar at a 5-star hotel, where I spent the last 9 months taking care of guests, VIPs and regulars at the award-winning bar and hotel. I also helped to seek for sponsors, put together 2 all-new event series at Lantern, initiated new developments for generating revenue, and gave advice for social media and marketing strategies.
It was great and I learnt a lot.

So what am I doing now?

I’ve been building a few projects and will see where it takes me. Hopefully it will take me to making money!

Here’s a quick peek into my personal life, 1st week after resignation/of being jobless:
– Wrote one blog post
– Received 7 job offers
– Have had countless meetings for upcoming projects
– One epic 2hour Skype session
– Learning lots more about start ups, digital strategy and SEO
– Trying to figure out ways to make money (ethically and legally)
– Prayed a lot and ate a lot also
– Went running almost every day
– Spent the remaining time with family and 70% of it with my brother


I’m what CNN calls the Millennia generation – but I wouldn’t be here without your support. Thank you for reading me and I hope you will keep coming back for a dose on my love.


5 thoughts on “1st week after resignation/of being jobless

  1. Hey Estelle, Keith here. Like the way you write your blog. …
    Sorry. 人在江湖,身不有己, i have no choice but need to ask you this, do u take a freelance job in creative writing for business proposal? (target audience: a bunch of potential investors who look serious and lovely)
    Another annoying job offer..:D

    Really.. we are a vibrant startup developing online education applications across web and mobile devices. We like to challenge the unconventional methods of doing things. So we are trying to search for different unique talents to do the jobs for us…

    Simple task, just understand our product-the online video website and promote it to our investors.

    Tats all, no bullshit.
    Do contact me. Good day.

  2. Sounds like an enriching and beautiful adventure with Lantern. I am sure you are having a smashing solo journey now! I read about your glow paint attempt where you got a feisty guy to help you sell at a club entrance. Do not be disheartened babe, as a quote goes:
    FAIL = [F] irst [A]ttempt [I]n [L]earning

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’ve always wanted success but I’ve now realized not to rush to the end point – I have to enjoy the journey first. If that includes failing and lessons to be learnt, by all means… It’s part of God’s master plan right?

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