Entering Entrepreneuring – 10 episodes and things I have learnt

1 week of trying to be an entrepreneur has flown by, and there are some lessons I’ve learnt that I’d love to share with you.

Some lessons are things that: only you can teach yourself, are not what Mom tells you to do, and cannot be taught at work nor in school.

I’m only at the beginning of my learning curve of trying to create a business, but already these are the 10 things I have learnt:

It’s easier to have a job, but more exciting to take the step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes I have good ideas, but they are not necessarily good business ideas.

Be flexible – Your business model may not be what you set out to create. Things are changing everyday, but that’s ok.

A start-up costs more than I thought to start – A LOT more. Some businesses are built on millions of dollars of funding, but really – businesses are built on relationships.

Working for a company and boss teaches you humility. Setting up your own company and being your own boss pushes you to desperation and forces you to be humble.

Even if you are not counting on your family for financial support, you still need them for emotional support.

You are suddenly more conscious of what’s in your bank account – or what isn’t in your bank account.

You think twice about going out and take the bus everywhere when you do – even if it is raining.

You see people in a different light – some of your friends could know more about an area than you do. Sometimes you hear the unexpected, or the right thing at the right time – Listen to their advice and suggestions.

People who promise they will help you, won’t. But it’s ok, because you’ll find others who will.


There is definitely one perk of being your own boss though – you can work from the pool!


5 thoughts on “Entering Entrepreneuring – 10 episodes and things I have learnt

  1. Hey Congratulations dear… Yes i completely agree with all the points you have said here. What i am learning is, entrepreneurship cant be learnt in schools, it is all about how you value your dreams and how you put in effort to make that happen, that journey itself teach us to be a good entrepreneur.


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