My inspiration and vision – “Live your dream, and share your passion”

This is your life. do what you love. and do it often.
If you don’t like something, change it. Life is simple.
Open your mind, arms and heart to new things and people.
Some opportunities only come once, seize them. Travel often.
Getting lost will help you find yourself.
All emotions are beautiful.
When you eat, appreciate every last bite.
Ask the next person you see, what their passion is.
Share your inspiring dream with them.
Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them. So go out and start creating. Life is short!
Live your dream, and share your passion.

Words and video by The Holstee Manifesto.

Remember this quote that was floating around Facebook? I’m sure you do!

The Holstee Manifesto is a social entreprise selling sustainably sourced consumer goods made famous by just ONE quote.
How the Holstee Manifesto became the new JUST-DO-IT – It gives me hope that anyone can have their lucky break anytime!

#YOLO (You only live once).


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