Social media campaign lesson: Singaporean bloggers uninvited to white themed French pop-up picnic DINER EN BLANC

SACRE BLEU! I wasn’t invited to the event next Thursday, but many of my influential blogger friends and contacts were. I heard about it from their blogs and thought it was a great concept to bring to our sunny and grassy parks! I was getting a food party group together to go, but it was very disappointing to hear the way the DINER EN BLANC team handled it.

Apparently, one of the invited Singaporean bloggers asked the PR agency if he could feature 10 white-coloured food items that was LOCAL, and the agency thought it was a cute idea and gave the ok. He helped them to post the blog post, only to be asked to REMOVE IT (not edit, but remove) as the picture choices he posted were out of their theme. Right after this, they disinvited him AND ALL other SINGAPOREAN bloggers from the picnic (citing that there was no more space for them). Only my friend and New York blogger (MoonBerry) was allowed to still come!


I would rather have French food than local food at a French picnic – isn’t that the point of a theme? – and I understand that bringing local food is not in line with a French-themed picnic.

But hey, you came to our country and wanted to throw a party. You wanted local support.

Do you go to someone’s home, throw a party, and then tell the hosts their local food is not elegant enough/considered fast food/junk food, and then kick out all the residents/Singaporeans?

FRENCH PEOPLE HAVE A REPUTATION FOR BEING ARROGANT, but the loads of les français that I have met and loved have proved me otherwise. It’s unfortunate that the Diner En Blanc situation is leaving a very bad French taste in all our Singaporean mouths?

Inviting media and then dropping/disinviting them due to “lack of space” is rude and disrespectful – companies should take this as a social media marketing lesson to practice more caution when dealing not just with bloggers, but with any type of influencer. It could steer you well away from a PR disaster.

This really spoilt my impression of the French community organizing this and I don’t know if I will ever want to go to a French picnic in Singapore now.

I still plan to visit Paris one day though 🙂

Full story on Daniel’s food diary, MoonBerry, Darren’s Blog and Calvin Timothy Leong’s food blog.

Don’t worry Singaporeans, I know of a number of other exciting pop up parties and travel themed parties coming up! Will send out updates.


4 thoughts on “Social media campaign lesson: Singaporean bloggers uninvited to white themed French pop-up picnic DINER EN BLANC

  1. May I just correct you here – the organizers are not French. They are Singaporean. The concept of the event is French but the organizers are local. There is a committee of 29 organizers (team leaders) and you can find their info here – of which, 21 are Chinese and 24 are Asian – that means the vast majority of the organizing committee are local Singaporean-Chinese people. Only 2 out of the 29 organizers are French and they are doing some pedestrian traffic logistic thingy way down in the food chain.

    All this dissing of Singaporean food and culture has been done by Singaporean Chinese people who hate themselves. Not the French. Oh no. This is nothing about Singapore vs France. It’s about sad, pathetic, self-loathing Singaporeans who hate themselves. Please don’t turn this into a France vs Singapore issue.

    Can I state that as a guy from Ang Mo Kio who has studied at a French university and worked for a French company and lived in France, the French are definitely not racist. Not at all. That’s just a bad name they have internationally which is unfair, take it from me, they are the nicest, warmest, friendliest nation on earth (if you speak French).

  2. I think it was the local organisers who messed things up terribly, and the French (originators) had little to do with this fiasco. In fact, I have a feeling the French are squirming how this apparently harmless event has created such negative emotions.

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