GREAT DINNER DATES: ¡hola! Excellent tapas, service and Spanish dinner at Catalunya Restaurant Singapore

To celebrate the end of F1 week (yay Vettel won!), my friends who were visiting were still around town, and so we capped it off with a big dinner. I chose to take my amigos to Catalunya since it’s pretty new and I was missing Catalonian and Spanish food! I really like tapas, but I haven’t really eaten it since I went to Barcelona in November 2011 (blog posts on Barcelona here and here). This was all of our first time to Catalunya.

This actually all happened really quickly last night (a Sunday night) and I called the restaurant at almost 9pm to try and get a table. It was fully booked! The whole night! On a Sunday night! (The restaurant isn’t very big.) I begged and pleaded with the lady on the phone and she was nice but apologetic. No tables at all. Por favor! I told her that I really wanted to go with my friends tonight and insisted that she took my number down. She did and as luck would have it, she called me back 15minutes later and offered me a table. I was so happy! Muchos gracias.

Next time, I guess I have to book in advance.

The restaurant is located in that round blob that recently popped up in the One Fullerton area. The blob (as I like to call it) is an architectural sight designed by DP Architects, and is newly named The Fullerton Pavillion (but “the blob” sounds better right?).

Set on the waterfront edge of Marina Bay and located right next to Fullerton Bay Hotel, the walkway in creates a really pretty entrance when entering the restaurant. (I always love to appreciate these invisible extras – the atmosphere sometimes can be even as important as the food.)

I wish I was on a date! It was a perfect moment and place for a date.

There was a very nice waiting area and lounge next to the bar, perfect for seating their customers while they got our table ready. Now that’s a smart design. If customers are busy drinking, they probably won’t be complaining.

We were served by a Mexican named Mauricio, and he was quick, smart-witted and very helpful. I guess it also helps to have a fellow Mexican at our table.

Dinner was really lovely and I had such a good time. We broke out a bottle of red wine that my Mexican friend chose.

I wish they served paella (Spanish rice dish) but then again, this is a Tapas focused restaurant.

We started with an assortment of marinated olives that our server gave to us complimentary (but priced in the menu at $8). It was smooth and burst into swirls of olive oil rolling around my mouth. And then some more…

I felt really guilty because this dinner is probably 2-3 days of running this week to make up for it. But it’s worth it!

¿Cuánto es? From left to right, up to down, this is what we ate:

1. Calamari, Andalucian style @ $16
*Very lightly battered, not oily at all.

2. Ajo Blanco with Scampi (traditional Spanish cold soup) @ $18
*Very strong flavours of ham and so tasty and rich, but I couldn’t finish this dish.

3. Estrellados Eggs with fries and Chorizo Iberico @ $16

4. A complimentary egg cocktail dish that was very yummy but too thick and rich for me to finish.

5. Spanish ham croquette, 4 pcs @ $12
*I love ham croquettes, so I naturally loved this.

6. Lobster rice for 2-3 pax, @ $55
*Very tasty, but the serving of rice is quite little.

7. Catalan cream with lemon jelly @ $12 (no pic)

8. Fresh cheese flan with berries and crumble @ $12

9. Fruits with Aromatics Osmotizadas @ $12
*Fruits with aromatic flavour inserted into it using a machine. Quite interesting, and there was lots of starfruit in this dish.

10. Torrija (fried milk bread) with spices, served with smoked milk ice cream @ $12
*We liked this one so much that my friend ordered another one. The Torrija tastes like sweet ‘kueh’.

Catalunya full menu here.

Feature of the restaurant: My hombre with the suckling pig, Segovian style for 2-3 pax @$125
*There was 6 of us and we still did not even finish picking at the pig.

Me gusta!!!

Still, this is not Spain – the ingredients might be fresher and the prices are so much lower in Barcelona. A meal like that (above) in Singapore will easily cost you SGD$100+ per person, but in Spain I ate like this everyday for about 10 euros per meal.

I’m stuffed with Spanish, but will definitely bring friends here again when the Catalonian craving next hits. Buenas noches!

Dónde? CATALUNYA is at:
The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327
Enquiries: 65340188

Opening Hours:
Daily, 12 noon to 2am


2 thoughts on “GREAT DINNER DATES: ¡hola! Excellent tapas, service and Spanish dinner at Catalunya Restaurant Singapore

    • Thank you for reading Steven! Welcome back 🙂 Spanish food is fun for variety and dining out if you live here, but if you’re only visiting and have a short amount of time, I would recommend chicken rice, satay, nasi lemak, hokkien mee and roti prata instead! Try our local food lah.. 🙂

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