How much do you love your boobs? (This one is for the ladies)

Since secondary school, I’ve been told many times that I’ve been quite genetically blessed with natural B-cups (but when I eat too much fried chicken or hokkien mee, they sometimes go up to a C-cup.)

(“How is that possible?!” “It just happens, don’t ask me!”)

I’m pretty content with what I have, and most women cherish their bosoms… THIS MUCH. Possibly even more.

A female’s chest is often directly tied to her opinion of her own body image and self esteem. It is one of her most significant signs of femininity, and as important as it is to you and me, imagine if someone had theirs taken away from them with cancer?

“Your mammogram is suspicious for breast cancer.” These are probably the most terrifying words one could ever hear from a doctor, and closing my eyes for a minute, I imagined these words were said to me. I thought of death, hospitals, chemo, multiple steps and money spent for recovery, surgery, and friends and family crying over me. My life would never be the same again.

I have a family friend who just got diagnosed with breast cancer last month. She is a super sweet 20-something year old, is one of the most beautiful girls I know (half-Japanese), comes from a great family and was studying medicine in a top University. She was one of those perfect-kids that everyone wanted to be (or have), and she had everything going for her in life. From what I had been told, she noticed a small lump near her chest one day and upon getting it checked out, the doctor broke the terrible news that it was already breast cancer at stage 3.

Everyone is devastated and her life is completely upside down. She is my inspiration, and as hard as her situation is, when I check on her Facebook profile from time to time, she seems to be staying so incredibly strong. We are praying for her everyday. She has done NOTHING to deserve such a situation, but cancer is something that just happens. Something that could happen to even to the best or the most beautiful – much worse when it is to the young and the innocent.

I would never wish for something like this to happen to you and me, or even to my worst enemy.

Breast cancer symptoms vary widely, and can include dimpling, puckering, bulging of the skin, a change in the nipple position, redness, a rash, or swelling. Some breast cancers have no obvious symptoms at all.

Picture credit from Health Library’s Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

If you’re a woman, it doesn’t matter how old or young you are – knowing what to look out for can change the outcome of any diagnosis, treatment and survival rates.

I encourage you to do your own self-examination once monthly, and come down for this Saturday’s event PULLING FOR A CAUSE, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness. On 6th Oct this Saturday, Rupini’s will offer free eye-brow shaping/threading all day at *Scape Playspace on Orchard Road from 10AM till 6PM. In return, do give a donation (of any amount) to the Singapore Cancer Society.

Participants will walk away with a goodie bag, a certificate of gratitude and a voucher for a subsidized mammogram at their nearest polyclinic.

This will be a celebration of strength and sisterhood. Expect to join in this good cause along with food, drinks, dancing and an amazing show with guest performances by Sylvester Sim and Jill-Marie Thomas. Celebrity ambassadors Paul Foster, Bobby Tonelli, Keegan Kang, Linda Black, Oli Pettigrew, Kumar, Anita Kapoor and more will be there to “pull for the cause” too. More details are on the Pulling for a Cause Facebook Page.

Hope you will make it down to support the cause, and it’s survivors and sufferers – because after all, how much do you love your boobs?

Posted in support of Pulling for a Cause, brought to you by Insurgence, Rupini’s and Singapore Cancer Society


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