Strong waves ahead: -In Phuket-

Status: -In Phuket-

The Karon sun and sea is beautiful, but deadly too. I was playing & bodysurfing in the waves with a friend and didn’t realize how far I had drifted out. The sun was setting and waves were really strong. I swam as hard as I could for 15min but I wasn’t really moving closer to shore.

I started to panic but realized I was losing energy by worrying, and calmed myself down.

My friend saved me and told me to swim sideways to get away from the rift/current, and from there he managed to pull me closer to shore. Thanks Tony!

This is the closest I ever got to drowning, everyone should be careful if you are swimming in the great big sea.

I havnt even started about sharks yet…

I’ve had a really amazing trip sailing around and showing my friends around Phuket, but it is almost over!:( I will post more when I’m back.:)

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