Lessons from an Aspiring Entrepreneur: Failure #2. (This was the big one)

The emotional roller coaster of an entrepreneur (or #wantrepreneur) will see you stretched to your limits. Or at the very least, stretched thin. You run on fumes, and sometimes you’re sitting on the couch at home for hours wondering what to do. Other times you’re pounding the pavement, racing for a timeline and knocking on doors. You’re always asking, hustling, learning, thinking, and waiting to reach the inevitable… WHAT NEXT?

I just had my second business-related failure in this month. I was actually working on this idea for a few months, so the unsuccessful attempt stung like a nasty bee. Not forgetting to mention the back-breaking work that led up to preparing for the test sell, and I lost hundreds of dollars again. It was a good idea, and business-minded friends along with potential customers I questioned thought so too. It had never been done before that I know of. I’m quite sure I executed the test as realistically as I could, and was so sure that this idea filled a void I faced in a segment that had not been covered yet. It didn’t work, and it hurt.

I will shelf it, maybe tweak it. But most of all, I am exhausted, confused and devastated. But if it’s anything I’ve learnt from my experiences and others, it’s to cut my losses and pick myself up from where I left off. It’s a mild consolation that I spent a few months on an idea I passionately believed in, rather than a few years… Or never at all.

What’s next for my career?

I’m almost at the low point of putting on a bikini and pretending to be a DJ.

Almost. Not yet.
(No offense to DJs in bikinis.)


3 thoughts on “Lessons from an Aspiring Entrepreneur: Failure #2. (This was the big one)

  1. Keep your chin up! 🙂 When Coco Cola first started, sales were approx 9 bottles per day. Sales for the first year totaled about $50, with costs of $70!

  2. Congrats on taking the leap of faith in choosing the path of entrepreneurship..failures (many failures) will be part and parcel of this “path less travelled”…if you don’t give up despite umpteen setbacks, you WILL surely see your dreams come true..the reward is gonna be very sweet. All the best!

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