Can’t believe this is a BlackBerry – out in Singapore, very soon

Guess what phone this is???

blackberry 10 1

Nope, it’s not an iPhone. Not an Andriod or Nokia either.

blackberry 10 part2

It’s the ALL-NEW, revolutionary, BLACKBERRY z10. Looking forward to checking it out, I heard about some features I think I might like…

– GESTURES: The new BlackBerry 10 operating system is built around touch based gestures. Not something to get used to on the first day, but supposedly has an amazing “flow”

– TYPING: Better keyboard than ANY other touch phones apparently. Smarter predictive text. No more embarrassing auto-correcting of “boardgame sessions to “bisexual sessions”!

– CAMERA: 8 megapixel shooter for images and 1080p video – top end specs for a smartphone camera. Forward facing camera is said to shoot 720p video, great for video calling or self-shot videos.

– TIME SHIFT: The Z10 camera has an interesting feature called Time Shift, it takes multiple pictures with one click. ONE CLICK, MORE PHOTOS!

– EMAILS: Are still mega fast and awesome.

blackberry 10 2

… I wonder how the battery life and other things would hold up though? What do you think? It looks pretty promising. I can’t believe this is a BLACKBERRY!

After the press conference this week, I will update you terrific techies about the other things we want to know – namely, the retail price and release date in Singapore.


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