Old people, new hope

You know how old people look so pitiful and harmless, like the only reason why they are still sticking around is to make the world a better place?

Yeah, my Grandad is NOT like that. I was so ultimately upset with my Grandpa today. Everyone in the family tries their best to please him – but damn is he demanding. He asked me to do something for him about 6pm last night, and I told him I was rushing out for a presentation, I’ll try to do it when I’m back. He was angrily screaming at me when I woke up and had not done it yet. Boy, was I pissed. I have a lot of patience, but G-dad tends to use it ALL up – and quickly.

I told him firmly, “I’m your grand daughter, I will help you. But u cannot give me a task at night when I’m busy, and get mad at me in the morning.”
I prayed with a sharp breath – “Lord, help me.”

I did the task Grandad wanted and… He said sorry! (He’s a very proud & stubborn man so this is already a miracle.)

So I told him that I loved him and Jesus loved him. He smiled. He told me he’s sick and old (nothing I didn’t already know). He is not at ease, he can’t sleep, he’s not happy with this, the government something something, bla bla. I listened and nodded. I know he has prostate problems and back pain, and told him about my friend who heals people. God gave him a special gift and calling, and he walks around Chinatown weekly, talking to strangers and healing them of all sorts of things. The handicapped are made able, and those in wheelchairs get up to walk. Crowds always gather, friends of the sick are always in shock.

“My God is not a God of pain or suffering. My God loves you and wants to heal you. Do you want Jesus to heal you?” I said. My Taoist Grandpa was quick to say yes.

“There are people who talk about their problems or sickness, but don’t actually want to get better. They just like to complain. If you truly want to be healed, believe that Jesus can and it will be.”

My Grandfather got excited. He’s always heard stories of these sort of miracles and people, but didn’t think it could happen to him. “You are actually friends with this man? Does he have a job or is healing a job? Will he come to see me? When can he come to see me?” I promised to set it up.

“If I can indeed be healed of my prostate cancer and back pain, I will admit your God is almighty.” These were his exact words.

God, over to you now.


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