Every once in awhile, time stops at midnight

Tonight, the moon was chasing me. It wasn’t in any aggressive way, like a hunter to its prey, but it gently followed me, tracking my footsteps back and forth.

My parents would say I probably shouldn’t be outside so late, but I couldn’t sleep (you know how it is) and Singapore is relatively safe anyway. If you see a small sized woman walking aimlessly outside her house in her pyjamas and slippers, don’t worry. She’s not crazy – just curious.

As guilty as I feel indulging in these late nights, it likewise indulges me. No one ever told you but there’s some sort of magic at midnight, where your soul warms and time just secretly stops – filling you with a special serenity. I love stepping outside into the gaps of the night, and if you do you must help me check if the moon has yet turned blue.

Okay, so it seems tonight’s not the night for a blue moon, but it most definitely beamed at me in a bright white. I know it’s rude not to say hello back, so I tilt my head fully and look up into its magnificence, while tracing down the road with my peripheral vision. Will I have a dreamless sleep tonight, or see things in black and white? I wonder about average things and think about people who live on the other side of the world.

We’re here, we’re there, but under it all we are still covered by the same milky way. I’m joyful to be but a small part of this infinite universe, but I can’t help but fidget a bit. My brother is on the extreme end exploring America, and I miss him
so. I whisper a prayer to thank the heavens for him. It feels like a galaxy far away, but hey in this instant, he might already be awake.

As much as I love the sensation and solitude of 3 past midnight, it’s time to leave the moon be and especially my endless thoughts. I crawl into my soft bed, black and white dreams beckon…

Holler if you’re a late-night owl like me.


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