Goodbye acne scars v1! EMATRIX is like magic – Fractional Radio Frequency with YUME Aesthetic & Medical Clinic (Orchard)

You know when you were young once upon a time, and you made one of those silly faces that was SO ugly, your Mom told you not to? My Mom always said my face would freeze and the ugly will stick that way forever.


We love to make ugly faces… Great times back in one of those casual nights with part of [the] Collective. They may be celebrities, but they sure aren’t divas!

I went through my photo albums but the only pic of mine I could find that describes the above ugly face is with you – sorry Oli!
PS: For anyone interested in Oli Pettigrew, he just opened a new kick-ass gym called RITUAL – like literally, they kicked my ass. In a good way. I’m writing more about asses and kicking at RITUAL in a separate blogpost.


Thankfully, My Mom was wrong, but unfortunately, I never listened to her about other things either. She snapped at me everyday to stop picking at my pimples on my face, but my hormones were out of control and so were my fingers. This time, I wasn’t so lucky… The ugly stayed and acne scars remained.

I’ve spent the occasional money on expensive scar creams, and tried adjusting my diet. However, the damage done on your skin can hardly be reversed, and I always thought I would live bewitched under the acne scar curse. I had faith, but I had little – Those with acne scars would understand what I mean. When oh when would the world invent a magic cure for me, something special that would miraculously disappear my scars, and give me brand new skin?


The time and “magic cure” seems to have now come. Although technology ISN’T magic, it sure is magnificent. My acne scars aren’t super obvious in some of my photographs, but friends or people who see me face-to-face, know that my semi-fair skin isn’t flawless. I have an acne outbreak a few times a month (depending on my stress and sleep, among other things), and the redness and dents from my old acne doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

Lucky for me, I have friends who care about me. One of my guy friends – who had also previously suffered from acne scars – referred me to his doctor, who had worked his magic (technology) to help him to get rid of some of them.

“How much money did you waste? No drugs or creams can get rid of scars that are deep under your skin,” Doctor Wong from YUME Aesthetic & Medical Clinic administered the truth before any serums or treatments. He explained further in my first consultation, that all surface solutions (including IPL) DO NOT work on acne scars. I believed him, and believe that I can get better results with reduced acne scars just like my guy friend did.

We know that beauty isn’t skin deep, but without good skin, how can a woman hope to be beautiful? And so, my first session with Doctor Wong’s recommended Fractional Radio Frequency was scheduled.



Ematrix – Fractional Radio Frequency. More information HERE.
Also known as “Superlative rejuvenation”
It is a kind of non-laser fractional skin resurfacing which can be used for a wide variety of skin types and colors


Acne Vulgaris and scarring, such as ‘crater’ scars, and deeper ‘ice pick’ type scars. It helps to smoothen skin texture irregularities.


This treatment is basically to rebuild collagen in your skin. It uses fractional bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin and to allow more energy beneath the surface of the skin (magic!!!). This maximizes collagen production while keeping the top layer of the skin intact. The production of collagen gives you renewed skin, and so you look like a fairytale princess with baby-soft skin. In real-life speak, it plumps up the holes that your previous scars have left overtime.


The best results are seen about a week after the treatment, and your skin will keep improving up to 3 months after. The good effects of the treatment can last for 3 years. Downtime is famously minimal – you can even put on makeup 24hours after the treatment if you need to.


eMatrix is a different type of fractional resurfacing technology that is not a laser. It works differently and has different effects to a laser treatment.

This means –
1) Minimal bleeding especially when dealing with deeper scars
2) Minimal post-treatment ugly face and much less recovery time


You don’t need to be a stay at home tai tai! This is said to be the ideal treatment for men or women of any ages with acne scarring, and especially those who have a normal work week schedule. EMATRIX is much more suitable than laser treatments if you have a darker skin type.

Don’t expect to look like a different person in one session, but Fractional RF is a quick and easy procedure to do on a Friday and expect to be back to work on a Monday. Like it has been shared above, one of the biggest pushes for EMATRIX RF is that it has a MUCH shorter downtime than laser treatments (which can keep you in recovery for up to 10 days).


Yes, but nothing very intense as numbing cream is applied to your face before treatment. Pain with fractional RF is supposedly less than with fractional laser.


You look at your best about a week after the treatment, where you temporarily experience pretty perfection on your skin! Don’t get too excited though – the collagen starts balancing itself out after that and your bigger humps will start to return in a small way. There should be a 25-35% improvement on scars after the first session. Heavier or deep scarring need to undergo more sessions every 4-6 weeks for 3 sessions for maximum effect.


Even if – and there probably won’t be – any side effects, it will only be on your skin and not in your deep tissue. This is a lot better than some other treatments can boast!
After the treatment, effects are redness (looks similar to sunburn) and dots of tiny scabbing.


For someone suffering from acne scars, to get rid of this ugliness is indeed priceless. But if you need to talk money, feel free to call YUME clinic and arrange a consultation with Dr Wong to get a quote.

Most patients will receive three treatments, each spaced four to six weeks apart. During consultation, feel free to enquire about special packages customised to the needs of your skin.



I know I write as if I live in a fantasy land sometimes, but I’m over the moon to know that getting rid of my acne scars is now a reality. I have actually done my first EMATRIX Fractional RF session with YUME Clinic about 1+ month ago, and would you believe the before and after photos from it!? (Above.) You can see the tiny dots of scabbing I was talking about in the Day 2 photo.

Perfect skin doesn’t pop up overnight, but there is a HUGE significant improvement and all my friends and family are as excited as I am. I’m really grateful that Dr Wong from YUME Aesthetics immaculately picked the right treatment for my acne scarring, and also walked with me every step of this journey. He managed my expectations pretty well, waved his magic wand and restored the princess skin that I always wished I would have. I would call him my fairy godmother from now on, but I don’t think he’d like that.


PS: This is probably one of the few treatments out there for acne scarring that doesn’t have lingering pain, side effects and downtime. If you’re wanting something that is slower and easier going, but still capable of visible results, you should definitely give eMatrix by YUME Aesthetic & Medical Clinic a try. You might just have the same happy ever after as mine!

Contact my go-to skin warriors Deals@BEAUTI5ME.COM for special deals, and ask for more details about “Estelle Kiora’s Journey to better skin”. I guess time can heal wounds after all!

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 2.47.37 AM

This is a sponsored post for YUME Aesthetic & Medical Clinic and BEAUTI5ME.COM.

CLICK HERE for the picture and procedure updates of my second eMatrix treatment.


9 thoughts on “Goodbye acne scars v1! EMATRIX is like magic – Fractional Radio Frequency with YUME Aesthetic & Medical Clinic (Orchard)

    • Hi Sharon! I’ve gone for 2 so far and I have one more session left very soon 🙂 Will update much more on this blog, please check back or subscribe for more information and experiences ok! 🙂

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  2. Hi EK! I am interested in such treatment too. This acne scar of mine has been haunting the shit out of me since secondary school & it has affected my social life as well. Would appreciate if you could connect me to the doctor who provided you the treatment. 🙂

  3. For all those who have suffered with acne for years like I have please read on:
    I’ve had acne since I was a teenager and it just never went away. I always tried to cover it up with make up hats, and sunglasses, didn’t like my picture taken and sometimes would just not leave my house.
    I have felt so self conscious about my skin and the scars the acne left on my face. Then a friend put me on to this product about a month ago and it has changed my life. I never thought I would ever have smooth skin again, even after trying photo facials, proactive, skin peels etc.

    Here is the website I got it at:


    The lady was so helpful and even followed up with me to see how the product was working for me. This company truly seems to care about their customers and even have a 30 day money back guarantee, so I felt very comfortable buying it and giving it shot.

    Best of luck to you all, this product changed my life.


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