Welcome April 2013. It’s not 1 party – but THREE parties. :) It’s called the DUNLOP STREET BLOCK PARTY!

HEY! WHAT’S EVERYONE DOING ON SATURDAY EVENING? If you’re feeling like some easy drinks, come join me and my friends for a POP UP PARTY!

Come and help me conquer not one bar, but THREE – Zeffir, Zsofi Tapas Bar, and my ultimate favourite cocktail bar in Singapore, Barkode Cocktail Bar will be hosting the one-time festivities.

Side by side parties across the whole block = BLOCK PARTY

When I first heard about this concept earlier in the week, I loved it. These kind of things happen all the time in London and New York, and it’s about time Singapore caught up to the fun. Somehow, a block party inspires thoughts of “new kids on the block” having a street party! (What comes into YOUR head when YOU think of a block party?)

Let’s kick it off at Zeffir, expect 4 live bands on the rooftop of Zsofi Tapas Bar till 11pm, then party on at Barkode Cocktail Bar with 4 live DJs. It’ll be as underground as underground can be. Only fabulous and fun people should come! 🙂


1-4-1 Pinnacle Vodka at $10nett
2 for $20 nett bottled beers, wine and housepours all night long
2 for $20 nett Caprioskas


Barkode Cocktail Bar is owned by my good friend, Caryn, who was one of the runner-ups for DIAGEO RESERVE World Class competition and I guarantee you – she sure knows her drinks! She’s a cocktail star, so make sure to ask her to create something special for you!

PS: Dunlop Street is in the Little India area.

Let’s wander around and get lost in the music, bands and new friends.


See you there and don’t forget to RSVP on the Facebook event page HERE!


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