Bang for your buck: New banking tool OCBC Money Insights kicks banking butt

There was once in Secondary school (I went to Temasek Sec), my teacher actually put my name into a math question – probably to get my maximum attention. I still got the answer wrong. Nothing has changed and I am still currently quite lousy at math. Let’s test YOURS!

If you have a $5 pizza slice for lunch on Monday, a $9.50 salad from SaladStop on Tuesday, went out for dinner with a friend after work at Sushi Tei which costs $22.30, had more lunches on the rest of the week, went for a few drinks and took a bunch of taxi rides (Robertson Quay and Dempsey Hill isn’t so near an MRT lah), how much would you have spent that week?

Can’t remember?

Multiply that by 4 weeks in a month.

4 x No idea!

At the end of the month, I usually know I spent my money – but I can’t quite remember how I spent it exactly.


OCBC organized a bloggers’ event last week and they completely kicked butt with a categorise-your-receipts-in-the-fastest-amount-of-time game. Boy did I suck at it. I think at the end of 1 minute, I had only managed to sort out 4 out of my 40 or so receipts!

Things were confusing and messy.

If there was an award for the worst performer of the game, I would be presented with it.




Not only was the game difficult, but it was also horrifyingly realistic. In my world, I probably DO receive at least 40 receipts over a period of a month – IF I even collect EVERY receipt from my purchases of the month. Which I usually don’t bother to.

Who wants to walk around with a stack of paper in your wallet or handbag? So unglam, can?

.If you don’t like carrying around a handbag full of receipts like me, click here to find out how you can get more bang for your buck. (Don’t worry, of course it’s not going to cost you money to save money lah.)

I don’t want this post to be too long, so check out my next blog post for a more detailed look at this new e-banking tool.


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