Did you hear me on the radio? Did I sound like a toad?

I was had a little conversation on air with HotFM 91.3’s bubbly Charmaine Yee on Monday!

Thanks to those who Facebooked, Tweeted or messaged me about it. Haha. I hope i didn’t sound like a toad! They introduced me as a celeb blogger (how nice, does that mean someone is going to start paying me ‘celebrity’ monies now?!:D). I spoke about the YouTube fan fest event I was attending, along with the song I wrote/played/sang (see my embarrassing video in previous post) about delightful YouTube boy David Choi. Through that, I got to meet him and hang out. It was all quite amusing!

It’s nice to hear that I sounded quite natural. The truth is, the official on-air discussion lasted about 5min and I wasn’t in the studio, so it literally felt like I was just picking up my phone and chatting with a telemarketer.

Except that Charmaine Yee wasn’t selling me anything.

If she ever does, I’ll probably buy it.

Listen to her sexy voice on 91.3FM in Singapore!


PS/IMPORTANT: Thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive of my blogging journey. My Dad asked me when I was like 11 years old/young, “if there’s one thing in life you want to do, and you wouldn’t get paid a single cent, what would you do?”

Of course at that age, I had no idea what blogging was but I replied, “I think I like to write. And make people laugh.”

He laughed. And said, “Well, then you really probably won’t get paid a cent then. But go ahead and do it!”

And so I did. Thanks Dad! ^_^


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