My funny, daily, delicious life at Raffles Place

“Yeah!” I thought to myself, after successful morning meetings and lunch meetings. Finding a decent spot around the grassy patch of Raffles Place, I sit down for a break and whip out my phone.

I was quite engrossed with my social media updates but I noticed my surroundings. A well-dressed not repugnant man circles me. He wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short, looked about early 30s and had his work clothes crisply over a nice watch. He wasn’t bad looking, but I know he was up to something. As I kept my eyes on my phone, I felt his eyes on me. I watched him as he watched me.

I was actually thinking about a reply to an email, when he finally sits next to me and opens with “Hi, I’m a part of a Bachelor party dare…”

I swing my head around to stare squarely at him, and then around me. I didn’t see any other guys standing around, nor any potential PUNK’D type of video cameras.

“Where is the rest of the Bachelor squad? The wolfgang pack?” I ask.

“They are in a room at Fullerton Hotel, and we need a female to witness the groom-to-be doing a striptease.” Well dressed early 30s man explains.

“A full striptease? Take out everything?” I ask incredulously.


“On a Tuesday?” Nevermind the groom-to-be’s undies – I was more shocked that they wanted to do this on a Tuesday.

“Ya, my friend is the boss of the company so most of us have the day off for it.”

Do I look meek and vulnerable or am I wearing Yves Saint Lauren “Ask me for bad and illegal things” perfume? I smiled politely as I pretended to think about this.

Even the eager beaver boys next to the Standard Chartered poster nearby holding survey clipboards would give me a pen for my time (or maybe even, points for a free holiday if I decided to sign up). Do I get a free Takashimaya shopping voucher for subjecting my eyes to a FULL striptease from a man that I (hopefully) don’t know? Probably not. My friend Christine would probably ask to see a photo of the stripping guy if she was in my situation. She might not even go through with it, but I know she’d at least be curious to see what he looks like.

“I have a meeting in 15 minutes, but thanks for trying.” I kindly rejected the offer.

“How about after your meeting? We can do it after your meeting.” He persisted. I don’t think there was a long line of ladies for him to pick from.

“I have meetings, though, so I won’t have the time today but good luck with the special day.” I pushed it off nicely. I also offered some suggestions of things he could do and shook his hand. He thanked me for my time and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

I read a couple more emails on my phone and take off as well. Walking into Raffles Place MRT, a thought shot through – “Maybe I should have asked to see the photo of the stripping man?…” Not like it would have made a difference.

Would you have said yes?


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