Best Bachelor Party ideas ever.

This is one awesome bachelor party – I can only hope that my future husband has a similar amazing time.

In my opinion, the best parties with an X-factor should have the following formula:
– Anything that can stir strong feelings of surprise
– Adrenalin
– Drinking
– Muscles
– Silliness
– Some sun and being on the water is always nice
– Your friends are most important

With guy friends like that, who needs strippers?
If you need to get your juices going (no, not THAT kind of juices..!), you can check out some party ideas that I’ve done over the years on my previous birthdays. Playboy Mansion Bankers and Bunnies, Japanese gameshow themed BBQ, boat parties – I just love to create experiences that me and my friends will remember for a lifetime.

My next birthday is around the corner… I’m a July baby! 😉 What should I do this year fellas?


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