My country, my passport, my people.


When I was travelling in one of the European cities, I was the first at my boarding gate like a good little kid who’s missed too many flights in her life to stuff up again.

The stewardess, green-eyed and blonde (I suspect she must have been a Swiss goddess), welcomed me with a tight smile and flipped through my travel documents.

“Where is your visa?” She finally asks.

“But I’m Singaporean.” I declare, wide-eyed. It’s so easy to take for granted that travelers need these things, but I was sure I don’t?

Oh snap, after 6 flights and 33 train tickets this month, I didn’t even check. But… I’m Singaporean! Visa? Do I?

She whispered to her colleagues, returned my stuff, smiled and ushered me to pass.

Phew. I love you Singapore, not only for where I’m from, but also for my hassle-free passport.

Happy National Day to my fellow Singaporeans and everyone else here taking up our space. It’s okay, we don’t mind really, you add flavour to our commute around the city and thanks for contributing to our economy. Everyone in Singapore, Singaporean or not, has added a bit more meaning to my life.

Let’s share and celebrate this momentous day like the red, brown, yellow, or white people that we are – together.


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