Small searchings and wonders today about love and time

To love as Jesus loved takes time. TIME is the thing Satan wants us wasting, so we don’t connect with people face-to-face like the church Jesus started.

-> Have I watched too much rubbish on TV lately or just squandered my precious time reading all sorts of nonsense I will never need to know, that I could have better spent caring for other people?

I realized that sometimes when I’m out with friends, my heart is distracted with worry and my fingers are too busy with Facebook on my iPhone. It takes so much effort for people to arrange a meet up, but when they do, some of us are physically present – although we aren’t mentally 100% there.

Could I have been a better listener yesterday? What am I doing with my time today?

#God #wonder #love #seekandyouwillfind #Godswill #life #YOLO


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