What would you do if you could be DROPPED – somewhere, anywhere – in the world?

All who wander may not be lost, but alas, they lust – ah, wanderlust.


If wanderlust is a sin, I think my feet are in too deep – my soul aches for eye-opening spirited adventure, maybe even a bit more than my heart longs for an amazing man. Sad but true! It makes me the happiest person when I voyage by bus, boat or foot – planes and trains will take me further, but it doesn’t matter as long as I get to see something new.

I’ve still got miles to go, but here’s sharing with you some legendary memories from my travels:

Trying Haggis (lamb innards) for the first time in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hated it, but I made new friends with 2 sisters who didn’t like it all that much too.

Photobombed two Japanese girls as they were walking along a bamboo forest! Just a normal day in Osaka Japan.

Karma bites back… It’s my turn to get harrassed, and I’ve never met more aggressive guys than the Italians. Random nightclub in Rome, Italy.

Found some Ukes and formed a girl band in Cebu, Philippines!

Was in for a rude and nasty ending at Spain’s famed celebratory bullfights – considered turning vegetarian post San Fermin 2013, in Pamplona Spain.

Woke up at 4am to chase the magical sunrise and cheeky monkeys – conquering Cambodia, Siem Reap with my Dad.


I was doing my usual work on the laptop the other day (FACEBOOK) when I got a message from a dear friend David, living in the US. He sent me a new reality web series where Heineken has been picking and dropping all sorts of individuals in completely, utterly random places. David thought I might like it, and he was wrong – I loved it.

I watched all the other videos on the site and this ad campaign consumed me… why? Because this is such an epic way to live life.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 02.30.21

Clint Jacobs from South Africa was blindfolded by Heineken, dropped in Poland by skydiving clowns, and given a tandem two-person bike to find his way to Berlin. He also needs to find people along the way, not only to help ride the bike – but to create a circus show within the week.

Number 1, This must be some serious character building. I’m actually going to Berlin next week and it is not even within biking distance to Poland – at all!

Number 2, where is his clothes, or underwear at least?! I know I’ll be asking for my makeup if this happened to me, it’s a little crazy. But I would still do it! #dropped

The 2nd part of this crazy circus search:

LEGENDS ARE NOT BORN – THEY’RE DROPPED. There’s nothing like learning to swim when you’re being thrown into an ocean. Or learning how to form a circus until you’re forced to do so!


Heineken has been trawling the bottom of the internet and playing “departure roulette” at major airports too, searching for social media users and jetsetters, instantly changing their plans and sending them somewhere far away.

Does this sound like a dream or a nightmare to you? Normal people – like you and me – all around the world who have shared this video with their friends, claiming that they would do this in a heartbeat, have been dug out from their comfortable comment boxes on Facebook and physically DROPPED, anywhere from Ridjk to Romania.

The 3rd and last video of this new flying freakshow legend:
Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.22.14 AM

So share these adventures with your crazy friends, my fellow wildchild! Oh please, please won’t someone pick me up and drop me somewhere, anywhere!


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