Little India Riots – A Singaporean response to all the other Singaporean responses

Today, in my hurried frenzy getting out of a bus (yes I take buses), I dropped a bunch of things. A young Chinese boy – along with a dark-skinned foreign worker – jumped to my aid, picking up the pieces, coins, papers and objects that I had scattered all over the ground. I smiled and thanked them, and I just realized that I will probably never see them again.

Why is this especially significant today? The responses to the #littleindiariots has stirred about even more tension post-event than the actual event. So many skewed perspectives. Everyone wants to be an armchair detective.

Where does this end, where does this even begin? Let’s not be so quick to judge people who are different from us. The behaviour of different races and disgruntled faces are not representative of an entire population. There is so much noise within the repercussions – let’s not speak unless it adds value to the silence.

I feel sorry for Singapore today. We have really come so far since the 1960s, why further fuel the fire guys?

I’m thankful to the people around me who have helped me. Locals and foreign workers can – and should – live together in harmony.


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