Who is this?

ESTELLE thinks she is your (sort of) average Singaporean girl. She is a curious girl about Singapore town, wonders about and wanders around the world, and believes in working humble and playing hard. Makes about as many friends and contacts as her heartbeat can keep up. Her brain however, often flies away. It lands on this blogpage where you can love or laugh at all of her local adventures, romantic rendezvous, and cross-continental escapades.

I like livin’ la vida loca(l), which means I am a local living the crazy life. It doesn’t matter where I am or where I will go – Come and experience love and life with me in this amazing city.


Currently in her mid-20s, Estelle spent most of her teens living, studying and working in Australia (Melbourne) from the age of 16.

She finished Secondary school, went to college in Australia and graduated from the University of Melbourne at the age of 20 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Since, she has worked with clients and a few different industries with relation to Media, Entertainment, Advertising, Automotive, Education, Banking & Finance, IT, Telco, Retail, Sales.

A full-time white collar worker who spent 4 years in the media industry, she enjoyed a directional change in the IT industry where everything is fresh(er) off the press. Thinks it would be interesting to marry the two. Quit her sales job in the IT industry and went on a life-perspective-changing one month backpacking trip through Europe alone (yes, no boyfriend, parents, or friends). Joined the fiercely developing arena of Tourism and Hospitality in one of Singapore’s 5-star hotels and gets to show off her country to guests and VIPs from every nook and cranny of the world, every hour of every single day. Could not be happier.

BLOGGING is my hobby, not my job, but having blog readers like you is like receiving a big bonus. 🙂

Home is where the heart is, and so thank you for sharing a part of my home and my heart with me.

Some Singaporean girls live by the 5’C’s… Estelle’s values are a little different.

She lives by the 5’L’s:
Live, Learn, Laugh, Love… Life.