Pre-game your Saturday tomorrow with some FREE pampering at Blow Plus Bar

Hey ladies, listen up!


My favourite go-to salon for fabulous hair, nails, free wine and a good time – BLOW PLUS BAR – is giving back to Singapore’s society by making girls gorgeous! Visit them TOMORROW for FREE express makeovers (hair styling, express manicures, make up re-touching) and free booze. Donate as you wish and 100% of the proceeds on this day goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Blow+Bar first anniversary x Breast Cancer Foundation

All day tomorrow, 7 Rodyk Street @ Robertson Quay.





Such a lovely way for Blow Plus Bar to celebrate their first birthday! Respect and admiration to the talented team.

Perfect to kick-start your Saturday, or to glam up with your best girlfriends before dinner and drinks!


Every day and Valentine’s Day gifts: 5 awesome present ideas for your GIRLFRIEND or THAT GIRL YOU LIKE.

“If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?”

Don’t hate the date guys! You talk about how lame Valentine’s Day is, but you know you still have to deal with it. In case you don’t know how to, let a single and yet ‘old school’ romantic expert (ME) tell you what to buy – whether you are in a relationship, or hoping for one.



I have many girlfriends that are always telling me what they want or what they wish their boyfriend would do. A lot of women want a man to take charge and take care of them, especially on a special day like this. They will drop hints all over your conversations, in text messages, on their Facebook updates etc etc and expect you to know what’s going on. I know, we can be a little confusing/crazy!

My general rule would be to balance how much you’re spending, with a gift that is thoughtful. I don’t know your girlfriend like you do, but you shouldn’t go wrong with these suggestions.

Feel free to text/Facebook some of your girlfriend’s girlfriends for advice, or to confirm that you’re headed in the right direction.


EVENING CLUTCH (the small kind, with no handles)

Whether you decide to purchase from a pricey brand or look for a simpler selection, I don’t think you can ever pick a horrible handbag. Look out for bags that look like this!


Most girls aren’t as particular about clutches as they are about perfume and shoes (don’t buy those), and you can start by choosing one in a colour she likes. Red? Pink? Silver? Cream white? If you can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with a bag in black. Little diamond crystals optional.

In case you’ve been living in a hole, here’s where you can find this elusive evening clutch.

$$$ TIP ->
Popular designer brands:
Have fun at Hermes Paris, Ferragamo, Coach, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci.

Maybe you’ll find one at a discount on (A members-only website for premier brands made affordable through private sale events, sometimes up to 70% off).

Less expensive but not cheap/still seen as “good quality” brands:
Charles and Keith, River Island, TOPSHOP, Warehouse, Nine West, Dorothy Perkins and GUESS by Marciano (all about S$70-S$200 range).



MATCHING HE/SHE ITEMS, (Pyjamas. Pillowcases. Wallets. Watches. Etc.)

There are some things that men and women shouldn’t share (like underwear), but there are other things that can look cute (and not cheesy) if one is designed for a chick, and the other version is for a dude.

If you share a bed sometimes, it might be cute to get matching silk pyjamas (try the department stores at Orchard/Takashimaya).
It’s less sleazy than lingerie, and more romantic.

Or, you could get matching pillowcases instead, so you can dream of each other when you’re in your individual beds.
She will say, “So sweet!” (Try department stores or those novelty gift stores at Takashimaya, Ion or Dhoby Ghaut.)

If you have a bit more money to spend on yourself as well, go all out and get both of you matching wallets or watches. She can put a picture of you in her new wallet to show her office colleagues, or when they ask her for the time, tell them how you bought her a totally cute watch that matches yours.

Matching items show her that you’re thinking of her as your partner, a part of you, your other half.




Don’t walk into a camera shop and ask them to recommend you a digital camera for your girlfriend! What a digital disaster waiting to crash and reboot… Do your research first and find out what camera brand or functions your girlfriend likes. (Start by checking her views on high end compact, mini DSLR, full blown Nikon range, small and cute looking cameras with lots of in built filters for picture effects and skin softening functions etc).

Best buys are at Funan IT Mall, Alan Photo, Song Brothers, Cathay Photo.

Giving your female a taste of a vintage trend can be quite romantic. This will probably make her squeal – a Poloroid camera is probably one of the prettiest presents you could get for a girl.

$$$ TIP -> It’s called a FUJIFILM INS camera set to cost you about S$200. You can get a Poloroid camera for about S$109-$150, film for $11-$13 for a pack of 10 ($15 for special film with prints and borders), $15-$20 for a Polaroid-specific photo album and maybe throw in more for some small and cute stickers.

Best to buy at Bugis shopping mall and Bugis Street Shopping village – The last few times this month I walked around Bugis, I’m hit by stalls offering this. It looks like they are really cashing in on the Poloroid photography wave.



Does your girlfriend already have a digital camera? Yes.

Does your girlfriend take 100 photos a week of your outings, or even when you are at home? Yes if she’s Singaporean.

Just kidding, not all Singaporean girls take 100 pictures a week… some take 100 pictures over 1-2 days.

So, if your girlfriend is into pictures, why not help her to create a photobook of all the pictures that she has already captured? A photobook full of pictures of herself, of her pets, of her family and friends, of you and with you… Most girls would like that.

To do this, you have to ask for or get access to her computer, and find out which where she stores all her pictures. Get an external hardrive and transfer all her pictures into it. This way, you can slowly work on designing and creating the Photobook for her – trust me, unless you’re a tech whiz/if it’s your first time doing this, it will take you more than a few hours for sure!

Hardcover or softcover? Cute or grand? Photobooks cost about $50-150 to create, depending on how luxe, big, or thick it is going to be.

You can check out the following Photobook sites – most of them have instructions or simple programs that you need to download to create and finalize your perfect Photobook. – Top recommendation – Not a Singaporean website/service but supposedly very popular still with Singaporeans

$$$ TIP -> You can often buy discounted vouchers for Photobook services via Groupon (discounted vouchers here),, and other deal websites.

If you don’t have enough (or 100) photos of you and your girlfriend yet, you can consider making her a photo calendar instead. It’s still quite early on in the year and you only need 12 pictures, one for each of the month. It’s also a lot less work than doing a Photobook… You can ask any Kodak stores or photo services about their processing time and cost.


The cute girl that you have been whatsapping with all your waking hours. The pretty one you have been trying to kiss. The girl from the office who makes you laugh. At some point or another, we’ve all gone through this.

Bear in mind, bigger is not always better – I had a guy friend once who was besotted with a beautiful girl (model lah). He bought her a Bulgari necklace along with an incredible basket of flowers that was almost equally expensive, after knowing her for only one week. She was impressed for one day, but he never won her heart.

Don’t let this happen to you, take it slow, make it thoughtful and subtle, and don’t give too much too soon!

phone accessories final


Is she always listening to music on her way in from work, or complaining that her iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone is running out of battery? Be a man. Do something about it and buy her some cute new earphones or a portable mobile phone battery (the better ones cost about S$40-60 each and can charge a phone to 100% power about 2 times).

Wrap it up and add in a small card… Not too pushy, but perfect!



Does she like to read? To cook? To bake cupcakes?

You can get her a book on anything from mystery to romance, learning to leadership, cooking to making cocktails… If you have no idea what genre to get, just get a book of jokes and put it in a bow. Those small and handy books sold at the front of bookstores make great little book gifts too.

Just don’t give her 50 Shades of Grey – it’s so wrong and she might tell everyone she knows that you’re a pervert.


Whether you choose some relaxing jazz music or a party mix by Ministry Of Sound, a music CD will definitely send some happy feelings down her heart, mind and body. This is also the ideal new-age mixtape – More romantic than sending her a song on iTunes, and not as hard to do as making an actual mixtape (can you actually still make a mixtape with a real tape?!).

$$$ TIP -> It’s only going to cost you $20-25, and THAT Music Shop at Pacific Plaza (Orchard) is always blaring a selection of cool tunes, and you can probably find anything and everything at one of the mega HMVs.



Yes, it’s boring. But it works. Unless she’s allergic or just hates the world, I don’t know a girl that doesn’t like sweet treats.
“Oh, I can’t eat it, it will make me fat!” Bullsh*t. Smile, say you’re welcome, turn around, and the chocolates will be gone in a heartbeat.

Go a step further and make things extra special by putting together a little snack basket (you can call it her “stress” basket).

Fill it with sweet or fun treats like oreos, chocolate chip cookies, dried mangoes and mixed nuts, Twisties, fresh fruits like apples and strawberries, Kit Kat (everyone loves Kit Kat), and other Nestle products that promote nutrition, health, wellness and happiness!


Buy her something thoughtful (like the portable mobile battery charger), but throw in something cheeky like a KISSTIXX. Yes, you heard me right. It’s a mixed kiss stick. A kiss stick that MIXES, to form a KISS that will STICK.

If your mind isn’t blown yet, your tastebuds will be!


Newly available on, one KISSTIXX pack arrives with not one, but two totally different and delicious lip balms that will help you to send a sexy message…

STEP 1) Ask her to choose her favourite flavour in the pack. (Whatever she doesn’t pick, is your stick.)
STEP 2) Offer to apply the lip balm on her lips. After hers is applied, apply yours with your special flavour.
STEP 3) Have a few laughs about it… And then prepare for a flavorful punch when you lean in for that peck!




Sounds like fun? Want one? I’m giving away 6x KISSTIXX PACKS, BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY (each comes with 2 complementing flavoured lip balms).


win stuff

PART 1!) All you have to do is share the LINK TO THIS BLOGPOST on your Facebook wall and 2 other friend’s Facebook wall (bonus points if you add why this Valentine’s day present is awesome).

PART 2) Email me a SCREENSHOT of it and don’t forget to include your name and contact number! -> EMAIL ME AT LOVEYOUWRONGTIME@GMAIL.COM

CONTEST CLOSES + WINNERS WILL BE CONTACTED BY TUESDAY 12 FEB for prize collection. Winners will be able to pick up their prize from WEDNESDAY 13 FEB onwards from a location in town.


Check out and buy a KISSTIXX at HERE – one KISSTIXX purchase at SGD$19 will give you not one, but TWO packs (each with two contrasting flavoured lip balms). Shipping is free.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 3.37.20 AM

That’s all I can do gentlemen… the rest is up to you!
PS: I actually hardly get presents from suitors, but there was one Valentine’s Day that I did. I will never forget the guy who sent me a pair of goldfish and turtles, along with a bunch of wrapped roses. I thought it was really creative, but all my friends thought it was crazy!
What’s the strangest/coolest Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received? Make my Vday and tell me in the comments below!!!

Beautiful things – CC Cream contest winners

A big thanks to everyone who participated in my last beauty giveaway by Rachel K Makeup. Like you, and you, and you.

I opened Rachel K’s Facebook Page wondering if I would find a few participants, and ended up scrolling through 32 entries to my contest on her Facebook Wall! (Not counting those who left comments on my blog, sorry, the contest was to write the answer on the Rachel K Facebook Page and reference my blog contest.) And, everyone’s answer was correct! What a wonderful overwhelming response from you beautiful girls.

For this contest’s 3 winners, I decided to pick the first 3 entries of all the submissions. Here are the 3 winners for the CC Cream contest:

You each win a RACHEL K GOODIE BAG with not one, but TWO CC Creams. – You now have a choice of CC Cream suits your skin tone better, in a new and improved 10-benefits formula.

I will private message you on Facebook soon to get in touch with you on collecting your prize.

Sorry if you did not win a prize this round, thank you for reading my blog and I will do more contests for you! 🙂

Rachel K Beauty Giveaway: What’s better than a BB Cream? A CC Cream… or 2.

Sometime in the month of April, I attended the launch of the new Mineral Colour Control (CC) cream and Mineral CC Pressed Powder from Rachel K. Launched in Hong Kong and in Singapore at Lantern rooftop bar on the picturesque quay of Marina Bay, I spotted an array of popular Singapore bloggers in the beauty and lifestyle scene at the Singapore event.

Hong Kong’s event:

The Singapore event:
Jayley and Hayley the cutest twin bloggers/sisters (and future Singaporean sensations) trying on the products.

My favourite beauty bloggers Sarah Chaudhry and Sophie Wales were also spotted.

Up and coming singer Cheryl Wee took some time out of promoting her first album to… promote her first album at the event! Double fun for us, I would say 🙂

I’ve been following Jeanine’s blog Bamboopandalove for a while and decided to invite her along to the partay. It was the first time we’ve met!

Drinking fruity cocktails, munching on tasty truffle fries and other snacks, playing with new and improved beauty products while snapping pictures galore at one of the nicest rooftop bars in Singapore sounded like not too shabby a way to spend a weekday evening.

My take on the CC Cream and CC Powder – new packaging, enhanced formula:

I usually am not a huge fan of the BB Cream, but the CC Cream boasts premium multi-tasking qualities that anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, waterproof, collagen enriched, and most importantly for me, non-comedogenic (meaning that it won’t block the pores in my acne-prone skin). Both are made in Korea.

Personally, I like the smaller travel-friendly size and have been using it a lot on the go. Now with a choice between 2 CC Creams, I found that the pink tube (“Neutral”) suited my skin tone better than the CC cream in the black tube (“Original”).

Don’t break the beauty rules – using the wrong BB cream or CC cream can sometimes make your face too whitish. I find that most BB creams don’t suit my slightly tanner skin, and so now with the promises of the pink tube (CC Cream for users with yellow undertones on their skin), I can bake in the sun and get my tan on without looking stupid with a pale face.

Don’t break the bank – Selling for $29.90, it also doesn’t cost much. I’ve been using this for a month now and I’m pretty happy with it! I especially like the compact, it takes me 5 seconds to pat on the pressed powder before a day till night of work.

Besides being endorsed by a bunch of celebrities and beauty queens, I was drawn more to the fact that this product applies 10 BENEFITS with ONE CC cream formula.

10 benefits!!?!! Here is what they say about Rachel K CC Cream and Pressed Powder products.

(Yeah, not bad.)

(Don’t really try very hard to be fair, so I haven’t noticed this.)
3. SPF 35 PA++
(I’m in the sun a lot so thank God for SPF protection!)

(I have combination skin and an oily face. Maybe I have an oily personality.)
(I can feel that my skin is quite hydrated with use of this.)


(Tried and tested… Lasts all night! I mean morning. I mean night!)

(Got to always be prepared for rainy or wet circumstances!)

The new and improved CC cream is now available and selling exclusively at selected Watsons around Singapore for $29.90 each.


Try it for yourself! I have 3 Rachel K goodie bags to giveaway, each filled with not one but TWO of these improved CC creams (black tube and pink tube). The choice is yours.

CC CREAM CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Answer this question – which country is the CC Cream made in?

Post your ANSWER on the Rachel K Cosmetics Facebook Page HERE, with a LINK to this post by FRIDAY 1ST JUNE, and I will pick 3 winners from the wall posts on the RK FB page.

Go on… spill the beauty queens’ makeup secrets!

My Grandpa, Old Games and New Glosses

My grandfather is an amazing person, and I’ve learnt so much from him. When any of my friends meet him, they are always surprised at the prim and proper British English he speaks.

Back in his day, he believed the English language would be of significant importance. He was mocked at by his kampung (village) for sending all his kids to English-speaking schools.

Back then, all the Chinese-speaking kids were full of ridicule, but each and every one of my aunts and uncles (his “English-speaking kids”) are now individually successful.

I respect and revere the king of my family. Also, I must have done some sort of good…
I had recently brought him and my parents out for lunch and he decided to move back into my home for a month. He said he misses his grand-daughter. Glad!

I made him a welcome back card and have been spending as much of my free time with him as possible.

Yesterday he was upset about traffic. Today, he complained about the cost of living in Singapore…

“Did you know that the flagfall of the taxi today was $3.50? it used to be $1.50!”

“Did you know that back then, a can of coke costs 10cents?”

I’m sure he’s not the only one. Ah, the good old days…
Back in the day, things were cheaper and came in brown paper bags.

Back in the day, we were happy with simple games. There were no angry birds on any iPhones – only marbles, toy cars, chapteh and colourful kuti.

Back in the day, we took the bus instead of the MRT.

Thanks to a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Lip Smacker, I can now reminisce a bit about the good old days… and I can taste it too on my lips. These super cute soda-pop cap lip glosses come in Sprite, Fanta (Orange) and Classic Coca-Cola.

They are adorable and available now for $6.90, exclusively at Watsons Singapore.
(I loveee Lip Smacker! I used to get my pen-pal in America to send them to me in every letter we wrote since I was 7. From this soda-pop cap collection, I like the white sheen of the Sprite flavour and the tangy taste of orange Fanta.)


Sponsored review:
Thanks to Starasia, Coca-Cola and Lip Smacker for a reminder of the good old days, and for sending me this fun pack.

Crizal by Essilor (Free spectacles & lenses giveaway)

Crizal lenses by Essilor eliminates the 5 enemies of vision: Glare, Smudges, Water, Scratches and Dust.
“LIKE” and COMMENT on YOUTUBE as creatively as possible, why YOU need crystal clear Crizal vision. Need a pair of FREE spectacles with prescribed Crizal lenses? I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU!

You can choose a frame worth S$150, total worth with Crizal lenses is more than S$300.

Be quick, best random comment by Wednesday 31 August 2011 wins. Good luck! 😛

Thank you to Crizal lenses for my crystal clear vision – now I can go anywhere in the world with crystal clear vision, and no boundaries.


*First blog post where I put my brand spanking new Crizal glasses through earth, wind, water and fire is here.*

*Second blog post saw some bloggers storming a media trip to Universal Studios… My world was a little topsy turvy, but it sure wasn’t blurry!*

Beauty Diva or Beauty Disaster?

Advertorial and Product Review

My Beauty Diva Diaries: Rachel K Celebrity Bloggers Program

Rachel K Cosmetics - Now available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore

***For the beauty giveaways (10 x Rachel K Cosmetics products), ‘like’ the new Rachel K Cosmetics Facebook page here and follow the contest guidelines above. Contest closes Thurs 28th April!***