Do you want a great family? Solid friendships? Unlimited travel? Career happiness? High net-worth networks? You can have what I have, right here.

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Once in awhile, I get messages from friends and internet peeps, asking me how I have so many friends, influential contacts, free holidays and travel, cool experiences, vip access, awesome loved ones, and usually why I’m always so positive and deliriously happy…

Thank you for living vicariously through me – I worry that I’m not a good role-model at times to people who may dislike or misunderstand certain parts of my life. Of course, I’m not perfect so be prepared for my mistakes as well. I don’t want to inspire your envy, but instead, I want you to know that you can actually have what I have (seriously).

Let me start from the beginning.

On Christmas Day, sometime long ago and far away, a baby was born from a virgin. Say what? Yes you heard it, born from a virgin, not from lust. This baby was a pure and perfect man – different from any of us. He was holy, sent into this earth to walk among the evil, the sick, and the broken. We all know how f-ed up the world can be. If you have a horrible boss or deal with awful people, you know this already.

GOD almighty in all his glaring glory is too great for any of us earthlings to ever reach, there is no bridge – but His Son Jesus actually came right here, to walk among us sinners. He made HISTORY healing people, I see miracles everyday in the PRESENT, and the bible has proven and clearly documented the events of the FUTURE – some have already happened, other things will.

Jesus died with nails in his bloody hands, pierced by the same people who knew of his eternal glory and power – but were too scared of the selfish consequences from admitting it. He came back to life after death, because after all, He was God’s Son. Life is created from God’s breath.

“Oh this is all just a story,” Some people tell me. And I ask them, “then why is God so real to me?”

Once a year, the world looks for a joyful father figure that gives gifts freely and generously. You’re looking at the wrong man – it’s not Santa. Jesus Christ is this meaning of Christmas, but His love overflows in my life not just on this day, but everyday. It’s such an amazing gift I would even wish it on my worst enemy. It’s life-changing, hey look at me. There was always something missing in my life, until God found me. (I will never forget January 2013, the day I encountered God for the first time.)

Life is basically just incomplete without God (in fact it can even be awful), because HE is the one who breathed life into you. How can you doubt all the awesome things that he wants to do?

He knows the differences between what you want and what you need, the thoughts in your head, and the secrets in your heart. He also knows better than you, because He created you.

I’m not promising things will be perfect, but God promised good things to those who truly love and follow Him. Do I get stressed? Sure. Do I worry about things sometimes? I guess I do. Do I have challenges that stumble me? Wa lau eh of course lah. But I’m quite possibly, living the happiest and fulfilling life – I may not be the richest kid around, but I know I have riches far beyond (and better than) money.

“ALL, GOOD things come from The Lord” – This means, nothing bad is from God. Everything good is from God. It’s totally none of my business if you don’t believe, but hey it just means that you’re blocking yourself from the blessings that he wants to pour on your life. Why refuse something good that someone wants to give you?

Life is good not because I was good enough to deserve it, but because God is great. I’m just an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.

Ask me or a Christian friend about Jesus. I’m not hard to find online, visit New Creation Church sometime, or you can even just Google “Jesus”. Give some meaning to your Christmas. Give God a chance to show you His love today. The sooner you realize it, you actually receive it.


Merry Christmas everyone. What an incredible 2013 I’ve had since I decided to pursue God first and all other good things have started to chase me. Thanks to everyone who has brought joy to my life. May you all have a blessed 2014!


– CHRISTMAS 2013 –

Christmas has always been undisputedly my favourite time of the year. I countdown the months to this very day, but this year’s Christmas celebrations has been the stuff of sweet dreams. Maybe I’m just in high(er) spirits. It was a month filled with family, good friends, excellent food, lots of catch ups and the obligatory hugs and laughs.





































2013 has significantly been the first year that I’ve ever been officially unemployed and ventured out into starting my own business. It’s really bewildering that this has also been the first year where I’ve been able to afford brand name gifts for loved ones, and have also likewise received some really incredible, undeservedly amazing gifts. (Most of the time, I’m already happy to receive gifts like iPhone pouches and coffee mugs.)

I’m not very brand-conscious and wouldn’t care less, but for a new and struggling entrepreneur, this is really quite ironical?! I feel blessed to bless, I guess.





I’m very thankful to my Mom and Dad who always give me a Christmas with a meaning – we went to St Andrews Community Hospital this year on Christmas Eve with their church group, spreading some joy to the sick, young, and elderly.

I hope the patients liked our red-themed team love, as I try to croon out some rusty Christmas carols!











What a heartbreaking but amazing day, don’t think I will forget this Christmas Eve for a while. Sometimes, Singapore gets so comfortable that it’s easy to forget how many under privileged and less fortunate people there are around us. Everyone could do with a bit of love and a whole lot of Jesus. Grateful to my parents who continually remind me of compassion, especially this Christmas. Where do we start? With the elderly and sick who were so thrilled to see us, that they couldn’t stop clapping? The young girl in pink who followed us in her wheelchair all around the wards, squealing with excitement everytime we sing? The 5 year old who spasmed or couldn’t look at me straight, and yet she’s so beautiful?

Loving people is tiring, but I’m glad we did it. Thanks to Mom and her amazing church peeps.






That’s a wrap! Couldn’t wait to unwrap presents with some of my dearest friends, and some much needed turkey time to total up my Christmas celebration coma.











Thank you, Christmas 2013. Looking forward to the next.


My instagram appeal – Devastated, Deprived and Disabled after Haiyan wrecks Letye, Tacloban and Ormoc

I met a local Filipino man yesterday and his story triumphs all others. After being stranded overnight in Ormoc on Letye island, we were hanging around waiting for our boat back to Cebu in the morning, when this man limped past us in crutches. There was something about his feet that weren’t quite right – they flopped around lifelessly as he dragged his feet around absolutely painfully. He heaved most of his body weight onto his armpits and pleaded to us for food – Kinny, Meaghan, Yennie and I jumped up to help. We asked him if he was from this area, and we’re shocked to find out how far he had come. Despite being a cripple, he hitched his way here from his hometown in Isabela Letye, almost an hour and a half of travel from where we presently are!

No one had come yet to help his devastated area, and in desperation, he left his family and baby behind to seek food and supplies in the nearest big city. His disability, the destruction from the typhoon and lack of time all were huge odds against him but he still pressed on. We filled his bag with as much food and water as we had, sleeping mats and some money but somehow, it still feels like it’s not enough.

This man was blessed to have stumbled across a group of international volunteers, but others may not find such aid.

My name is Estelle and this is my Instagram appeal. (We are a small private group of civilians from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and beyond, helping a small team in Philippines #styleyoursoul and #bangonormoc to provide relief aid across as many small areas as we can.) To date, we have bought, packed and distributed 8,000 food and water relief goods, 800 hygiene kits, 400 bags for children, and 300 sleeping mats/blankets/mosquito nets in Letye, Ormoc and Northern Cebu. Some clearly need more help than others, and so many more need help.

>> For enquiries, please email
>> Any amount of donations are appreciated. PayPal link:
>> Visit my blog for more information and updates of our mission in Philippines for Haiyan’s disaster relief:

No matter how you contribute or help to spread this message, it will go a long way in helping us help Philippines through the biggest disaster in Asia since 2005’s tsunami. Thank you and God bless!



***I will update with more pictures from my camera when I get back to civilization! Please share this post with as many people as you know and WE HOPE YOU WILL HELP US TO HELP PHILIPPINES. Full details at the bottom.***

The first batch of warrior friends – getting onto our Cebu flight now after exchanging some donations. Keep me and the team I’m with in your prayers please? This whole thing is hitting is pretty hard now. Our schedule may include sanitizing people and helping to clear dead bodies, along with any other work needed at the evacuation centre around Philippines. People are desperately messaging me to help find their husbands, sons, loved ones who are all missing. It’s quite overwhelming really. Don’t know how ready we are.

Team Singapore has landed in Cebu, and with our total group check in of 190kg + 110kg (there was a lot is squeezing, begging and bag bursting!), it’s time to send off some of the relief goods that we have flown over. Toothpaste, vitamins and more are immediately dispatched with one of our local contacts – thanks Aaron! You the man!

Next stop off is checking into the place we’re staying in, and it’s bumper to bumper traffic all the way into Cebu suburbs.

I was prepared for the worst – sleeping on floors with no air con and hopefully no cockroaches – but the group’s organizer had set up an awesome host family for us to stay with.

“This is not a holiday,” I have to keep reminding myself, but this was a lovely start to what I otherwise expected. A delicious local Filipino spread fills us up every morning and night – Tita’s cooking is a fine example of Cebuano hospitality. Salamat Tita!

After lunch, we headed to another local’s house, and the labour begins. Trucks filled with relief goods are already pulling out of the porch, and we swap out with sweaty Filipino boys who are tired out from days of helping out with Typhoon Haiyan related aid.

Everyone warmly greets us and welcomes us, and I’m quickly instructed that each relief bag needs 3 and a half cups of rice and a 1litre bottle of water. Along with tinned goods, this properly feeds a family for only about 2 days, but it’ll have to do.

We quickly form a factory line of splitting and sacking rice, bagging, and packing. Groups of locals come and go, some are friends of the family and some are just fresh-faced volunteers like me. The younger ones are 100% efficient and 200% dedicated – they worked so much faster than our white collar fingers!

“Imagine Singaporean kids doing this,” one of our group members posed to me. “No f**king way.” It’s true. I’m disappointed that Singapore didn’t give much – a $200,000 calamity donation from a country that spends millions on fireworks each year is questionable. I discovered that I’m the only Singaporean in the relief team from Singapore, but there are plenty of small communities in Singapore and big-hearted individuals I know who have helped in other ways.

Some of the other members of our crew came in on the evening flight, and we continued to work late into the night. They invited along a Wall Street journalist who was on their flight to join us – to join amusingly enough, she actually did! She was lovely and it was so interesting exchanging opinions with her on our current mission and what we thought of the situation.

One of the Titas received a call and after 15 minutes of listening to her emoting in Filipino, she starts to cry. “My brother called,” she explained to me. “He and some other people have travelled for a long time to send thousands of packs of relief goods yesterday, but it wasn’t enough. So many people were left without any food or water, and they cried. He was crying watching them cry. We are so tired doing so many things, but there are just so many people who have starved for seven days and still don’t have nothing.”

Across 12 hours, almost 4 fresh deliveries of rice arrived – so much rice to sack and unpack but it’s still not enough. We pack in sweaty heat until 2am and wait for others to arrive. A last operation meeting is done and we’re back home in Cebu at 230am.

Tomorrow is a new day, with new purpose.


>>> We are a small private group from Singapore (with leaders Lotte Edwards, Kinny Johnston and me Estelle Kiora as the only Singaporean) who are now in Cebu Philippines, and furiously working with some organizations to help smaller affected areas of Typhoon Haiyan that are not getting much help. Please email if you would like to help or visit my blog for more information and schedule updates of our mission:

@philippinestar #styleyoursoul
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Singaporeans go to Typhoon Haiyan affected areas – help us to help Philippines!

My friends packing food and water supplies this week for urgent dispatch to the organizations they are working with. It's a start but not enough.

My friends packing food and water supplies this week for urgent dispatch to the organizations they are working with. It’s a start but not enough.

Hello friends, family, Facebookers and searchers, a small private group and I are going to disaster sites in the Philippines TOMORROW onwards to help for 1 week.

ORMOC, LETYE, and there are other smaller areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) that are NOT receiving help from bigger organizations and official charities. Ask any of your friends in Philippines – a lot of people are dying from hunger and every bit you can do counts.

A few of my awesome friends have organized a small group and we are going to CEBU TOMORROW MORNING and doing day trips out by boat, van and bus to the lesser known but heavily affected areas that desperately need help. We have a huge schedule planned with transport, cleaning people, sanitizing, and urgently packing food and water – 700 packs have been sent out yesterday but we still need help to raise money so they can arrange more packs over the next weeks.

We are in coordination with 3 organizations in 3 different cities that were greatly affected by Yolanda – Bangor Ormoc, Gugma sa Guiuan which is handled by the Mayor’s chief of staff, Bangon Bohol.

***If there are any of you who would like to help or contribute to our mission, please let me know and anything at all is much appreciated. We need all your help possible.***

If I don’t respond to enquiries before I leave, I will respond when I am back – Philippines will need help for a long time more.

Since this is an emergency and my friends felt the need to help and share the blessing asap, we are not connected with any official charity.

Rice, water, canned goods in easy open can, candles and matches (no electricity there), sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets, baby formulas for the infants in the evacuation centers, hygiene kits which will include soap and toothbrushes.


This is the plan – please share the news, keep us in your prayers, contribute where possible and anything you can do is much appreciated. I will update more frequently on my instagram @estellekiora wherever I can, mostly to let my Mom know that I am alive…

Christmas carolling at the hospital

I spent my precious Christmas day with old sick folks that I never knew, and to see some of them tear, laugh, clap, or listen was a present enough. It wasn’t my first time, but it touches me every time. Most of them were alone and I just wanted to show them that they weren’t.

I went in with the purpose of singing carols and showering them with love, but I left the hospital FEELING LOVED.

I guess when you give, you actually receive.

“No parties Estelle?” People seemed disappointed and shocked.


“Why Not?” I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas any other way.

Could Christmas be any more awesome than this?


Guess who are my favourite men this Movember? Please help me to check out these 10 cuties and decide who I should pick!

Did you know?? The M word stands for many delicious, wonderful things.






And this month, what ‘M’ means to me is – Movember.

(And again, MEN.)

Quite honestly, a MUSTACHE on a man isn’t as much of a turn on for me as MUSCLES, but my heart goes out to all the good guys out there who are growing a Mo’ this November (= MOvember) for a good cause.

About Movember:
Men all around the world are invited this month to participate in a Movember campaign, where they (try) to grow mustaches with the aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 (I remember actually remember this from when I was in college!) but now it is a global trend. In Singapore, all proceeds that you donate to a Mo Bro go to the Singapore Cancer Society.

I love to support a good cause, and so here are 10 of my fave Mustachy men around Asia, from my Facebook account. These cool dudes are growing a Mo specially to raise funds through their pages on Singapore’s MOvember website. The only problem is that I can’t pick my favourite!?

***Please tell me which one is YOUR favourite (leave your vote in the comment box below), and the first Mo Bro to get 10 supporters will “win”. By win, I mean win my love. By win my love, I mean that I will donate $50 of my own money to his pledge.***

Let the MO SHOW begin!


Michael Gooch – Ah, Goochy gooch! He’s already received SGD $1,415 in donations and is at present, ranked #60 among thousands of other Mustachy men based in Singapore. What a popular guy!

“To raise money for anyone I know who has been affected by cancer.”

Donate to MICHAEL GOOCH on his MOspace here!

Maxime Lenik – Most memorable for his charm in the August Man 2012 competition, and making memories as a DJ at Avalon and other clubs. He’s a producer and host at the same time, and also half French half Vietnamese.

“Last year I almost lost my fatherto prostate cancer. He was lucky to survive as for many men, it’s usually too late… This year, I’m starting the fight. Join my battle and help me promote awareness and raise money.”

Donate to MAXIME LENIK on his MOspace here!

Julien Gattaciecca – Julien is a friend who lives and works in HK, and is taking part in the HK edition of Movember. He is also captain of his own Mo Bro team, SunriseMoBros. See you at ZoukOut, Julien!

“is to change the face of men’s health.”

Donate to JULIEN GATTACIECCA on his MOspace here!

Mark Tay – Vote for him not only because he’s one of the coolest guys I know out and about Singapore, but being the Editor for Esquire Singapore, he’s responsible for the funny things you’ll read in that men’s magazine. It also tickles me slightly to see a Singaporean grow a mustache, maybe I’m not really used to it! He says something similar in his MOspace bio.

“Because we at Esquire Singapore believe in real men talking about real issues in men’s health and nothing starts a conversation quite as effectively as an Asian brother attempting to grow some facial fuzz.”

Donate to MARK TAY on his MOspace here!

Josiah Mizukami – This guy works hard and parties hard! We’ve gone for some really fun parties in KL. Josiah is an actor based in KL, but you can occasionally catch him in Singapore… when DIVA Universal screens the sexy show ‘Hot Guys Who Cook’. Smokin’! I can’t seem to find an official MOvember page or MOspace, so I’ll just cut and paste what he wrote on his Facebook profile.

“I’m doing my part for Esquire Malaysia’s Movember charity drive, the global initiative that sees men grow moustaches for male cancer research. Have some fun and grow your facial hair for a good cause and contribute the most to the National Cancer Society Malaysia’s Male Cancer Prevention Project throughout November through pledges (ask friends and family to contribute as you grow your hair all this month).”

Donate to JOSIAH MIZUKAMI somehow… through this link here!

Michael Martin – Michael lives in Melbourne, where we went to school together. Since then we have both grown up, but not too much apart! In his spare time, he does fun things like ice climbing and chewing on brown paper.

“To change the face of men’s health.”

Donate to MICHAEL MARTIN on his MOspace here!

Matt Brady – Banker with a big smile, big heart, and all round nice guy. He must have other banker friends too, because he’s already ranked #25 highest in Singapore with SGD $2,467 of donations collected! Oh crap! PS: A close friend of mine with a sharp British accent.

“To see how good I really look with a tash……and to raise money for charity, of course!”

Donate to MATT BRADY on his MOspace here!

Simon Barnett – Very respected for his effective skills in the online advertising world, this is one smart (and also single!) guy. A real softie on the inside, with a gingery tasche on the outside.

“is to create awareness about Man’s cancers and get us men more in tune with our health. You never know, this can affect any of us guys.”

Donate to SIMON BARNETT on his MOspace here!

Ken Yuktasevi – OK, this one is a little different. He’s a church friend of mine and everyone knows him as one of the funniest guys… ever! He’s a lot of fun and he’s doing things the other way around. He has had a mustache and a goatee for a long time, and promises to shave it all off and post pictures on his Facebook event page called The Bald Faced Monkey, if he can raise at least $250.

The proceeds go to FLUK FLUK RUN PROJECT which supports:

1. Water : FRANK WATER
3. Play : TOYBANK

Click the link above to donate! He and his friends hope to hit SGD$35,000 by January 2013. How can you not want to help? What’s wrong with you, don’t you want to see a bald faced monkey?


Last year, I threw a small mini-mustasche dinner party at home for MOvember –

I bought mini-mustaches for all the girls, since we can’t grow a real one.

***SO QUICK! Help to leave a comment below mentioning your favourite MO BRO (please pick one of the above), by Friday 30 November 2012. The first man who hits 10 comments mentioning his name, will get a $50 donation from me instantly.***

Stay strong, and stay healthy!

Nat Geo Channel’s FREE PET SHOP: Free dogs this weekend. Please adopt responsibly.

There’s a saying I always say – “Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” (Reference quote from Corey Ford.)

It’s funny yet true, I can’t live without my Jack Russell Terror… but the reality is he lives for us too.

Cookie's Chinese New Year photo - An integral part of the family.

There are so many dogs right now (and counting) without a home. I can’t imagine all of them being abandoned or even being in danger. If you want one, please go to the Free Pet Shop that Nat Geo Channel is running THIS WEEKEND.

DATE: 18th Feb 2012 (Sat) & 19th Feb 2012 (Sun)

TIME: 12nn – 6pm

VENUE: Dalbergia Green, East Coast Park

Brought to you by National Geographic Channel (StarHub TV Ch. 411). More details and directions on the Facebook page here.

Never heard of anything like it.. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL FREE PET SHOP does sound kind of cool. It’s a first-of-its-kind campaign led by the National Geographic Channel (NGC) to advocate dog adoption and to highlights efforts in saving abandoned dogs. NGC has teamed up with 4 local dog shelters, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), Animal Lovers League (ALL), Gentle Paws and Noah’s Ark, to form the LARGEST DOG-ADOPTION DRIVE in Singapore to date where up to 80 dogs will be up for adoption.

In addition, the event will see a slew of fun-filled activities for both dog owners and their dogs to enjoy, including:

– Demonstrations by dog groomers,

– Talks by obedience trainers,

– Doggy Massage sessions,

– Samplings by a dog bakery, pet food companies,

– Owner and dog portraits by professional pet photographers,

– And, a special first-of-its-kind “Singapore Special Dog Show”, featuring only mixed-breeds.

Ready for responsibility? Try adopting a pet! You’ll be surprised that you’ll need it as much as it needs you.

The only thing my brother in London misses about home is actually our dog.