New York Might Just Kick Me Out After What I Did This Morning..

Hey I was just trying to make toast!

Am really grateful for this chance to live my dream in NY, but I know other people have also wanted to visit NY too. Let me fulfil your dream for you? Tweet, FB post, or Instagram post your NYC bucketlist with hashtag #ESTELLENYDREAMS today and I’ll post some videos doing cool things for you! 🙂 I promise I’ll be the best tourist.

(I actually posted the #EstelleNYdreams shoutouts on social media yesterday, before this accident!)
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Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.35.49 AM

PS: This whole video was powered and made possible with a Nokia Lumia 1020. Thanks for helping me to capture my adventures, Nokia!

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The TV show I filmed is finally airing soon! Amazing Food Challenge by Asian Food Channel

Hot news for my dearest friends here! Remember the TV show Amazing Food Challenge I filmed in Philippines recently? So excited to be able to officially announce that this incredible travel and food show will be aired on AFC on 11 MARCH 9PM SG time, in 12 territories across Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam). Asia Food Channel is owned by Food Network in the US.

What do u expect to see from an “amazing food challenge”??:)

Article source link from On Screen Asia is HERE.

Hosted by celebrity chef Sherston Lian and featuring Philippines’ iconic Roland Laudicio, you can’t even begin to imagine the kind of crazy stuff they gave us to do on this show. We can’t reveal too much about the first episode yet but do catch the debut of Amazing Food Challenge on 11 March 9pm (Singapore Time) on Asian Food Channel, and I’ll post some blogposts in the coming weeks about the behind the scenes stuff too. Looking forward to sharing this incredible on-screen adventure with you!

The Coolest Emergency Dating Pack comes with Marine Collagen Essence Strip

Pretty pink things delight me greatly, but it was especially special to receive a love-themed, emergency dating pack from BRANDS! They must know this lovergirl so well. I am totally tickled at this thoughtful, cute and useful pouch. If you’ve ever wondered what an emergency dating pack (for females) should look like, here it is.





Singledom does not have to suck (as I wrote about in a previous blogpost), but lots of travel, self-improvement, wonderful people and projects have been keeping mine busy. I haven’t been on all that many dates this past one year, but I feel much more prepared for the next one now, as and when I meet someone special that I want to go out with…! Thanks BRANDS. I’ve always relied on my Brands Essence Chicken growing up. This time around, the dry shampoo, blotting paper, lip balm, nail polish, mini perfume pump and Marine Collagen Essence Strips will help me to look and feel my very best.

“Whether you’re juggling work, play or love, BRANDS InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip is always by your side, to support you at all times.”















Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and a huge part of this is comprised of collagen. Unfortunately, stress, alcohol, UV radiation and other factors very quickly accelerates the loss of collagen in our body, causing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other horrible things. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Grab a pack of BRANDS InnerShine strips to replenish some of the collagen that has been robbed by external factors around you. What a perfect pick-me-up to have at the ideal year-end time of busy December.

Good stuff in these strips:
– Vitamin E for anti-oxidation
– Micro-collagen peptide for better absorption
– Convenience in a quick jelly strip form
– Only 12Kcal per strip
– It tastes like candy! Great for dessert and works well as my daily sweet treat.


Are you or a fellow babe in your life juggling work, play or love? I always find beauty in things that give me strength, sharpness, inventiveness and happiness. Try one of these collagen essence strips and let me know if you see a difference. Beauty should always shine from within.

DSC06137 - Version 2


Best restaurants and places to eat in Patong and around Phuket

Phuket is not only a place to party, it’s a place to live the ultimate lifestyle – even if just for a week or weekend. This busy beach town is so heavy on tourism and you can’t ignore the abundance of restaurants – there’s everything from $2 meals to $200 meals. Some of the nicest ones I’ve come across so far are Joe’s Downstairs (Aussie/Western), Da Maurizio (Italian), White Box (International/Mediterranean), Acqua (seems sort of European), or Baan Rim Paa (Local Thai/Seafood). Here are my reviews on the best places to eat in Phuket, and some of the above-mentioned spots.

Quite honestly, I ate at Baan Rim Paa and felt it was rather over-rated and over-priced, but my tourist friends liked this restaurant most. Not sure who was handing out awards, but it is evidently award-winning and the rustic beachside ambience of this restaurant makes it a popular pick for clients, tourists, or dates.

Personally, if it were up to me, I would rather eat Thai food in the streets – if I wanted to eat local, I would go local.




See if you can recognize the typical Thai dishes – mango salad, pineapple rice, green curry chicken, fresh fish with lime, sticky rice with mango, and more.









All these dishes for 3 people. Gluttons, we are.

We had Italian at Da Maurizio, and the food was on an international standard but you definitely pay for what you get. I’m also very biased in favour of Italian food, so I was pretty happy with this meal.












My favourite dinner in Phuket was at JOE’S DOWNSTAIRS – the lofty white furniture was a joy to sit on while dinner-watching the swirls of the waves. This restaurant is said to serve “new world cuisine” (what does that even mean?!), but I felt it akin to the fine dining that I used to have in Australian restaurants.











If you’re hungry but don’t want to spend a fortune of food, there are plenty of restaurants in Patong that will fill you up with good things for much, much less. I’ve eaten at so many places around Phuket and in Patong that I can hardly remember, but if you find a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint, please try it out and send me the address. I had some of the best Mexican food ever in such a place in Phuket, but it was down some random back alleys and I wish I could find my way back there.

Generally, the seafood restaurants fronting the main strip of Patong is over-crowded with lazy tourists and over-priced, so walk down the parallel streets and you’re bound to find equally good seafood for much cheaper. Another area I like to eat at is Karon Beach – it’s only about 15 minutes from Patong and although there is less culinary selection compared to Patong, it can give you a much quieter, relaxing dinner. The Russian restaurant there is quite well-liked.

(Thumbs up if you’d like to see an upcoming post on fun things to do + best places to party in Phuket!)

Oceanfront Villas for Living x Sleeping x Swimming x Dreaming at Indochine Resort

The world is screaming summertime but alas, in Asia, it is summertime everyday. Call the pestering sun a blessing or a curse, but most who come to visit have remained and – at least – the haze has mostly blown away.

Now, I know you have no lack of choices for places to play and stay around Asia, but there’s never a bad time to recommend something for your next holiday. like I said, it’s “summertime” right?


When it comes to Phuket, I have a bit of pride. I’ve been here about 15 times, so you can also call me Miss Tour Guide!

On my last trip to Phuket, I arranged for me and my friends to stay at Indochine’s new resort, Indochine Phuket.

While being scenically perched on the Patong hillside, most of the resort faces open views of the gorgeous Andaman sea. Themes of water, earth and nature elements evidently inspire the resort and rooms, and I also picked up a distinct oriental feel – this is no stranger to the strong signature decor that has moulded Indochine’s restaurants around Asia.



Depending on what your personality is, this decision could be as good for you as it was for me and my friends – We enjoyed the proximity to Patong without having to live within it, for it is a crazy town that never sleeps.


A 5-10 min shuttle or taxi from Indochine Resort will get you into the heart of the Patong action, while a 20 min walk for us to Patong was nice and breezy whenever we weren’t too hungry.

If you don’t crave bar-hopping and clubbing, Indochine Resort is saliently self-sustainable. The restaurant is large enough for a royal function and multiple-meal worthy, while the public rooftop pool beckons from day to night. This hotel IS a holiday in itself, and I would have gladly given myself into house-arrest for there was no reason to leave pleasures of the premises.





If you need a holiday by the sea, here are some rooms you can possibly choose from.


THE OCEANFRONT STANDARD ROOM could quite possibly, set the standard. Don’t expect a hotel room for all the Oceanfront Rooms are in the format of a villa, and quite self-explanatorily, give you some sort of uninterrupted views of sky and sea.
You don’t get a private pool with this 55 sqm room, but you do get a lovely outdoor verandah to enjoy your holiday views, and a huge stone jacuzzi (great for couples, but I think you could try to squeeze 4 people in it). Plonk yourself into the generous sofa, and use as much of the free wifi room as you want.

Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT STANDARD HERE.


THE OCEANFRONT SUPERIOR ROOM sits 109 sqm wide, on the ground floor of Indochine’s resort/community/empire. Enjoy the jumbo-sized jacuzzi (it’s so big I would unofficially presume this to be somewhat of a private pool), and plenty of space on your outdoor terrace for sunbeds and lazy daytime lounging. Or, you can watch all the sky-sun-sea action from the inside comfort of your air-conditioned room, as your gaze extends beyond massive glass floor-to-ceiling windows.

Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT SUPERIOR HERE.


I’m not even halfway done, people! How about THE OCEANFRONT DELUXE ROOM? It’s 70 sqm big, and takes you up to the top floor of the resort. This one comes with both an outdoor jacuzzi and an outdoor shower, so I guess you can’t help being clean in a room like this. If you like multiple showers a day, this is the right room for you! Since you’re on the highest floor here, no one will be peeking down on you… Sea views will be majestic too.

Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT DELUXE HERE.


THE OCEANFRONT PREMIUM DELUXE ROOM is where I spent most of my time in Indochine. Whoever said life is hard, certainly wasn’t me! A grand space of 160 sqm offers an outdoor jacuzzi along with a private plunge pool. Some people have all the luck, huh?






Info and reservations for OCEANFRONT PREMIUM DELUXE HERE.

If you’re going to take your time in Phuket (and why not, I say!) and want something a bit more modern, you could very possibly find yourself quite comfortable in Indochine Phuket’s GAYA STUDIO. Feel at home with cooking amenities here when you’re not gorging yourself on the resort’s culinary treats, and I love the indoor to outdoor decor touches and sofas where I can let my hair down and put my feet up.





Slide a bedroom panel open and you’ve fallen into your living room. Slide another panel to reveal a kitchenette, and the double rainshower in your bathroom is just around the opposite corner.





Did we just fly through space and time, from Oriental to European living? Yes we did. This is the modern beach bum’s home, truly… Kick back among the clean whiteness, and give range to a lifestyle of ocean infinity.


Info and reservations for GAYA STUDIO ROOM HERE.

Another easy option would be to ditch the city life for a OCEAN SUITE CONDOMINIUM room in Indochine, available in a 2 or 3 bedroom format. I trekked up some stairs to visit this duplex style sea-facing unit, and loved how the lower level is great for entertaining friends or clients. A wide living room area makes great DVD nights, and I know I wouldn’t resist turning down a dinner invitation at this dining table. Keep your private time to yourself with a separate space on the second level, for no one needs to see your mess – nor you in your bathtub where you obviously look your best.









Info and reservations for OCEAN SUITE CONDO HERE.

I’ve saved the best for last, which is also most popular for groups of friends who can’t bear to be apart. Welcome to the extravagant selection of pool villas at Indochine. This one was so tranquil, you could close your eyes and almost hear the trillions of salty drops come together as one, magnificent, never-ending ocean.





The roomy pool deck seemed to go to waste this afternoon with just one little person, reading one magazine.



A slightly hidden turn down some stairs on the side brought me into a play area. Take your winning shot at the dartboard or the table soccer table – there’s no room in this room for losers in fooseball!





A pretty grandiose guest bedroom to be in, I thought… Until I opened the doors to the master bedroom. A jet-filled personal spa awaits its master/mistress. Bubbles and candles seem to be in celebratory order.



Missing something? Your best friends, maybe. Bring them along!


(This is another pool villa where some of my friends were staying.)







Keep to yourself in one of the multiple bedrooms, or commune with your best friends in the living area to get your daily dose of last night’s gossip. When you’re done laughing at that drunkard’s antics (there’s always that one drunk!), roll outside in the sunshine for a dip in the pool. Grab your sunscreen, iPad or earphones, or you could just climb onto the rooftop to watch.



There’s just so much to do in Indochine’s pool villa, it would take you from daytime chilling to night star-gazing – my friends have personally made the breezy poolside area a drinks-dispensing dance floor.

The food at Indochine’s Resort is really good as well, and we were addicted to their Viet beef noodles. Me and my friends ate this about 4-6 times over our stay! I could barely believe how we were eating our way through the hotel. The duck crispy noodles and starter platter are worth mentioning and tasting as well.

Indochine is renown for its F&B group after all, and they take such pride in their food and where it comes from. No endangered species like Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna are served, and Chef Stuart Hickman is no stranger to the resort and fine dining world of French, Mediterranean and Modern Australian cuisine – in fact, my taste tests assure that he’s got the plate pat down.



indochine breakfast




Whether you’re looking for peace or a party, you could probably find it all in Indochine Resorts.

Thank you Indochine Phuket for a splendid stay while you were hosting me. If anyone wants me to recommend or book the best oceanfront room for you, feel free to get in touch with me.

*Every room is unique – Please confirm all above-mentioned amenities with resort management when booking your desired room.

This is an advertorial for Indochine Resorts, Phuket. Create your own oceanfront experience by choosing one of the rooms above!

Dinner and champagne brunch in Singapore – A special Kitchen Table at W Hotel THIS WEEKEND

It’s no secret that I’m a massive thundering screaming poster-holding fan of the W Hotel and general SPG group. Most of you – friends and followers of this blog – might have seen my multiple pictures in and around the W Hotel and related SPG hotels. The funky decor, top-notch service and comfortably chic vibe, make all the Starwood Preferred Group hotels a totally lovable and livable place.

Holidaying at W Hotel Taipei, Taiwan
Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 5.29.04 PM

Eating, sleeping and working during my 2 week business trip at Fourpoints in North Carolina, USA

Weekend in Aloft Bangkok – a younger, big value multi-facility hotel concept by the W Hotel.


You can only imagine my glee when W Hotel Singapore called me and asked if I’d like to have a special dinner at their hotel’s flagship restaurant? “Let me check my calendar,” I say with a usual professionalism, while proceeding to salivate all over my living room floor. Two things my heart throbs for – good food, and all sorts of hotels. Combine the two, and I assure you, I am completely excited to wind down this weekend at The Kitchen Table, W Hotel Singapore.

I expect sugar, spice and everything nice – This is one treat for the tummy not to be missed! Freshly flown in just for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, from June 7th – 9th, revered Executive Chefs of Spice Market RestaurantsAnthony Ricco (W Hotel New York) and Peter Lloyd (W Hotel London) – will cook for all W Hotel Singapore guests at The Kitchen Table restaurant during dinner time THIS Friday and Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. (More details at this link.)

Spice Market was the brainchild of team of Culinary Concepts, created by famed chef and restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Indulging in his Asian experiences and love of spice and far eastern ingredients, Spice Market restaurants can be found across the USA, London, Bora Bora, Kauai, Abu Dhabi and at W Doha. Enjoy this international sizzle this weekend at W Hotel Singapore

Char Grilled Chicken Kumquat Lemongrass Dressing

Char Grilled Chicken Kumquat Lemongrass Dressing

Hamachi Sashimi, Soy-Ginger Dressing, Radish and Avocado

Hamachi Sashimi, Soy-Ginger Dressing, Radish and Avocado

Pork Vindaloo, Crispy Herbs and Leeks

Pork Vindaloo, Crispy Herbs and Leeks

Spiced Chicken Samosas, Cilantro Yogurt

Spiced Chicken Samosas, Cilantro Yogurt

May I remind you again – only for THIS WEEKEND, not one but two kitchen legends will be cooking up a storm at W Hotel’s Kitchen Table. Set in the feels-like-an-escape-but-you’re-actually-still-in-Singapore Sentosa Cove, the scenery won’t be so bad – you only have to tolerate the idyllic view of W Hotel’s gigantic night-lit pool. I used to work in F&B, and I like to appreciate the people that make my food good great. Do you?

W NEW YORK’S EXECUTIVE CHEF ANTHONY RICCO has been an integral part of Culinary Concept Hospitality Group’s team since he joined Spice Market in 2005. He is responsible for the operation and success of Spice Market New York. THE restaurant’s operations serves up dishes to 700 people, coming in and out over a normal night on weekends. Anthony Ricco has been a guest of LXTV, Martha Stewart Living Radio, De Gustibus Cooking School and The James Beard Foundation.

W LONDON’S EXECUTIVE CHEF PETER LLOYD has held senior positions in some of London’s most demanding kitchens, and his cooking career seems to me like a dreamy soap opera. Being selected to join a team cooking for H.M the Queen and members of the Royal Family, alongside the King and Queen of Malaysia. After involvement in several successful restaurant launches, Peter was approached by Sir Anthony & Lady Bamford to act a private chef aboard their luxury yacht and their estates in the UK and the Caribbean. He accepted and in the following year, travelled extensively, cooking at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. Peter appeared on Masterchef on numerous occasions, opened and ran cooking masterclasses for children and launched other ventures within the group.

SGD65++ International buffet, SPG members enjoy 15% discount.

– Inclusive of 2 restaurants, THE KITCHEN TABLE and SKIRT cuisines
$108++ International buffet, OR
SPG members enjoy 15% discount.

Join SPG for free today and receive this 15% discount among others.

If you see me at the W Hotel’s Kitchen Table this weekend stuffing my face with all things sugar, spice and nice, please say hi but let me know first if there’s anything stuck in between my teeth or around my mouth.

This is an advertorial/promo review for The W Hotel, Sentosa Cove.

EAT IT THIS WEEK! World Gourmet Summit 2013’s Master Chef Matt Moran at The Prime Society

Sorry for the mild absence people, I am back from Japan and I hope you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you! Have so many deer-in-headlight type of stories to tell you about the trip, but first I’d like spill the beans on an incredible meal I had yesterday.

Straight off the plane this week from Japan, to find out its the first day of World Gourmet Summit 2013 in Singapore. Am I the most blessed girl in Singapore or what?! (I will soon also be the fattest. Keep reading.)


World Gourmet Summit 2013 is basically one of the most esteemed culinary events in Asia, and it runs from 16-26 April 2013 through a calendar of unique dining experiences, brand-name F&B outlets, and exclusively flown-in international ingredients, served up with a side of celebrity and master chefs.

As part of their participation in WGS2013, the classy people at The Prime Society (Restaurant and Bar) brought down revered Australian chef Matt Moran.

“Wait, wasn’t he one of the judges on that TV show Junior Masterchef?” I first asked, like you might.

Yup, he sure is. Restaurateur, Businessman, and high profile TV personality – Matt Moran wears many other hats besides just being a chef. He is the co-owner of a number of successful restaurants, including ARIA Sydney, ARIA Brisbane, the newly opened CHISWICK Restaurant in Sydney’s Woollahra, and also co-owns some event and catering companies when he’s not busy filming a platter of different TV programmes.


Who misses and knows how to appreciate some good Australian cooking? Me me me! Read on if you do too.


A total steal at $168++ for food only, or $248++ including premium wine pairing.




My Dad, passionate food-lover and designated cook at home, was the ideal lunch date for my gastronomic journey. The 5-course symphony otherwise known as lunch started with smiles all around, and a small, warm handful of sourdough bread. I adore sourdough, and this was easy to eat as I tore it into little pieces and smeared truffle-infused butter all over it.

All dishes were served so promptly – the moment I put down the ruins of my bread, my waiter glided in with my first course.

FIRST COURSE: Yellow fin tuna sashimi with cucumber, wakame and avocado puree.
WINE: 2011 Pewsey Vale Riesling, Eden Valley, Australia.


The tuna was excellent, and tasted fresh off the sea. A little trick was pulled on me – what I thought to be wasabi was actually avocado puree. In the mix was a tinge of wasabi powder, but the puree gave my tuna a creamier finish than if it was served up in the usual Japanese style.

The formula for good food to me is just like buying property – location, location, location.

The best meals I’ve had in the world weren’t the most expensive, but are usually the freshest. Give me some snapper in Australia, mangoes in Philippines, suckling pig in Spain or salmon sashimi from South East Asia – I just love all sorts of seasonal produce, and they completely change the centre of every platter.

Chef Matt Moran would agree with me, since he has a new TV programme – From Paddock to Plate – doing just that. I can already imagine him trooping around and plucking vegetables from the ground, tossing it into a wok and frying up a hot plate of some farm fun. The focus of this Epicurean Delights menu, as well, is fully dedicated to the freshest seasonal ingredients. Chef Dallas Cuddy (head chef at The Prime Society) is equally armed with an impressive culinary pedigree and the same beliefs in seasonal produce. I guess life – as in cooking – does not have to be so complicated.

SECOND COURSE: Alaskan crab scotch egg with celeriac and lemon salad
WINE: 2011 Prager Hinter der Burg Federspiel Grüner Veltliner, Wachau, Austria.


Most seasonal ingredients used in the total menu were brought by Chef Matt Moran from Australia, except for this Alaskan crab – which was from Alaska.

This was the stand out dish for me. I completely underestimated how overwhelming and small ball of something could be. Chef Matt and his team demonstrated absolute skill with the scotch egg – it’s certainly not easy to deep fry an egg on an outside, while keeping its inside so fluffy and pillowy soft.

An understated quail egg embraced in Alaskan crabmeat, deep fried and then crowned with rock salt? Dont mind me. Totally worth the tiniest spike in my cholesterol and calories. I would have this meal just to consume this course all over again – the tartness of the salad against the salty, toasty egg both meet in the middle nicely to exalt the Alaskan crabmeat. All textures in this dish was perfect and worked hard to melt in your mouth.

Honestly, this is probably one of the most favourite things I have eaten in my life (next to Italian Ferrero Roche gelato ice-cream).

PS: This dish is available as an à la carte option for S$28++.

THIRD COURSE: Steamed sea bass with puffed quinoa, pine nuts and Jamón
WINE: 2008 Luca Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina.


I am a huge fan of fish, but this wasn’t my favourite. Maybe it’s because I was riding such a high from the second course (nothing to do with the wine, of course), but I still enjoyed the sea bass against the mild sweetness from the berries, crunch from the flavourful nuts and saltiness of the Jamón (Spanish ham). I’m not a sous chef, nor a scientist, but I think the Jamón should have come out stronger than it did (Spanish ham usually gives you a big kick). Anyway, what a party in my mouth.

We are still on white wine, and the 2008 Chardonnay brings out a heavier intensity of the meal as it progresses. I’m ready to take on the meat!

Food is better with friends: With Suan Fatt from Tatler.

FOURTH COURSE: Roasted fillet and slow cooked shoulder of lamb with black olive and fennel
WINE: 2010 Craggy Range Te Kahu Bordeaux Blend, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.


I’m usually more of a beef person (and The Prime Society is SO good for their beef), but the shoulder lamb was a splendid dish. The lamb was wrapped in plastic and slow cooked for 24 hours in 64 degrees, and you can definitely taste the TENDER loving care. The spinach with white fennel and olive purée was a lovely accompaniment and I wouldn’t have wanted my lamb any other way. Except maybe as a little pet.

The New Zealand red wine celebrated the dish nicely. It was 80% merlot,8% cabernet-franc, 8% cab-sauv, and 4% malbec and in other words, went down our mouths quickly.

FIFTH COURSE: Summer berry trifle with strawberry jelly and buttermilk sorbet
WINE: 2004 Pauleczki. Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary.


It makes me so sad to write about the last dish! (Already?!) Read it and weep.

Not just a visual treat, this was an absolutely delicious and pleasant dessert that wasn’t too sweet. Trifle is traditionally a dessert of sponge cake, fruits, jelly and custard, and this balance of berries with butter milk sorbet bowled me over.

The Hungarian wine was significantly sweeter than the dessert itself, but such sweetness is the signature of the Tokaj wine region. (Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the bottle, I was totally distracted by this point!) Aszú grapes are all handpicked and I felt like royalty, being given the opportunity to savour it. Obviously, we were given the best.

THE EPICUREAN DELIGHTS MENU BY MASTER CHEF MATT MORAN AT THE PRIME SOCIETY, SINGAPORE is available for a limited time only (17-20 April 2013). Priced at S$168 ++ with premium wine pairing at an additional S$80++, the tasting menu is available for lunch and dinner during this period.


I would strongly suggest the pairing with wine – it takes the dining experience to new heights and helps to envelope the taste of each plate.

Select dishes are available à la carte, or indulge instead in premium cuts of ethically sourced Rangers Valley grain-fed beef, Cape Grim grass-fed beef, and Mayura Station wagyu – all free of growth hormones.

For more information on this menu, check out this link.

*I must give special thanks to our waiter Efren – his service was spectacular. He was well-spoken, prompt, attentive in the right doses and as smiling as he was knowledgeable. If I was still working in F&B at Fullerton Bay Hotel, I might just try to hire him!

THE PRIME SOCIETY SAYS… “Dedicated to the Upper Cut.”

I guess the best deserve the best. Besides the exciting medley of meat and other good food, the elegant yet homely steakhouse encourages cocktails at the central island bar, conversations in the open-concept kitchen, and lush afternoon-till-evening alfresco dining. Good times with friends or exquisite corporate entertainment will be a sure-fire hit here.




Operating hours: 12pm – 10.30pm
Call 64747427 for reservations or email

With Entrepreneur and the perfectly put-together Prime Society owner Ingrid Prasatya; her head chef Dallas Cuddy.

Me and Dad with The Prime Society chef Dallas Cuddy and Master Chef Matt Moran’s right hand man, Chef Ben.

What a remarkable meal. Thank you to The Prime Society, the exceptional culinary team and World Gourmet Summit 2013 for the invited tasting.