“Her” movie – unexpectedly brilliant and insanely good


Need a good show to watch tonight or this weekend?

The vague poster makes this movie appear pretty boring, but this is truly one of the best movies – beautiful cinema and brilliant scripts – I’ve ever fallen for.

It’s unexpected, conversational, high tech, and even features a hot girl with a large dose of romance and love letters – if you’ve ever fallen in love or want to fall in love, you must catch this.

There is also a bit of swearing and a whole lot of funny! #scarlettjohansson #joaquinphoenix #incredible


3 Peas in a Pod 他她他 Movie Premiere and Review – A MICHELLE CHONG FILM

















My after-thoughts on 3 Peas in a Pod Movie Premiere – <>

Let me be brutally honest. I didn’t expect this movie to be so thoughtful. The simple movie poster and YouTube trailers offered me the impression that this could be one of those sickeningly-sweet films with a safe and predictable ending. Is this along the lines of the kind of soap opera-esque drama, that you might mindlessly watch while texting on the phone and listening to music, only occasionally turning your attention to the screen for the eye candy? Not at all! I don’t think anyone in the theatre saw this coming.

The show opens with the youths strolling around on my old stomping grounds, University of Melbourne. You very quickly learn the identities of each character and laugh a little at them as they play it out on screen (we all secretly see a bit of ourselves in them). They decide to go on a road trip after graduation, which of course, as any Melbourne University student has done, involves the picturesque Grampians and Great Ocean Road. I really spent so much of my life in these places, and anyone who has too spent time in Australia will find in these scenes a piece of their heart as I did. Sweeping panoramas of the gorgeous Australian landscape is captured and justified by beautiful camera work, and the audience sits comfortably in their movie seat, riding along with the characters on this special trip. Michelle Chong’s script is beyond boy-meets-girl – it is brave and witty with so many parts of the story, making the rest of the journey a not-so-standard holiday.

3 peas1

The triple threat cast brimming with teenage good looks definitely executed Michelle Chong’s script to its finest detail, and they each achieved a harmonious mix of superstar material while still staying relatable. I have so much respect for the three young actors as they each delivered genuine performances, despite not being professional actors. Calvin Chen and Alexander Lee Eusebio are popsters from their respective countries, Taiwan and Korea, while 22-year old sales assistant turned lead female actress Jae Liew had no acting experience before! She switched immaculately between Mandarin and American-accented English and was heartwarming to watch. As the plot grows thick, I relish the sharpness of the characters as the audience gets to know them. I won’t ruin the road trip, so watch it and you’ll see what I mean – Expect self-discovery, cheekiness, freedom, hurt, and humor.

I truly recommend this movie for anyone who’s young, or doesn’t mind a throwback to their youth. I definitely found a ton of deja vus flooding back into my memory bank, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same too.

If by the end of the movie you’re not mentally planning your next trip to Australia, you’ll at least be reminiscing about your antics in school!



Please support Asian/local talent and watch 3 PEAS IN A POD, <>. Coming to more than 10 cinemas around Singapore, from 14 November onwards.
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Thank you so much for having me at the premiere, it was so nice to see so many old friends and familiar faces!

Fascinations with Film: Django Unchained should be renamed DJANGO HERO (No spoilers here, I promise)

I’ve been waiting to watch this for months, and couldn’t be more thrilled when I wiggled out the words on my email, “You are invited to… Media screening of Django Unchained…” etc. Shame on all of you pirates who wasted such a good film by watching in substandard quality online! Anyway, less judgement and more jabber coming right up.


I dont usually like Western movies, but this one was wildly witty.

A sort of dramatic interplay of slavery and a slave who was free, figuratively… but not really. You might get distracted by blood bomb after blood bomb, but pay attention to the stunning soundtrack and screenplay. The script is the bomb.

My favourite character is actually Dr Schulz – His behaviour was rather bunny-like, bounty hunter on the outside and yet such a softie on the inside. His character was paradoxical on so many levels, but I won’t ruin it for you. Let me know if you like him as much as I do!

All in all, a very comical original, with Quentin Tarantino’s signature slapstick of grit, guts and glory. Don’t miss the cinematic landscaped-perfection of horses over endless hills, and all the lead characters in their hilarious hospitality. This is a movie to watch on the big screen!

Officially out in Singapore, end March 2013.

Thank you to OMY SG and all partners for the media screening!

Transformers 3… Kinda ridiculous. (No spoilers)

1) They replaced Megan Fox (heard she compared director Michael Bay to “Hitler” and Steven Spielberg ordered for her to be dropped from the Transformers series) with a British-speaking girl (okay, so not just any British-accented girl, but a smokin’ Victoria’s Secret model).

2) She saves the earth… In high heels.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

I just watched this with my family, so this is not an advertorial (thank God, I think I had too much on my plate lately).

The title of my post sounds a little harsh, so I’ll clarify because I absolutely adore Shia LaBeouf.

I did enjoy this movie, I cringed near the end when female lead said “hold me tight and never let me go” *scoff*, LOVED the casting choice of John Malkovich, and Patrick Dempsey made an interesting villian – I guess you can cast a bad guy with kind eyes after all.

The CGI is better and plot is a bit thicker than the previous two installments, so prepare to see sparks fly… for 2 and a half hours.


Have you watched it? Did you like it, love it, or HATE it?

Premiere of the Hangover 2: It’s. Just. So. Wrong.

Movie Review
Pre-show safe: There are no spoilers in this review.

Can you believe he is a doctor in real life? Epic performance by Mr Chow (Ken Jeong): “Holla, city of squala!”

If you let a bunch of drunk guys write a movie script, this is probably what it would be like. Childish, chaotic, and nonetheless comedic, this hangover is the same story with a different city. And many more Asian people.

First up, let me warn you that this is not the kind of movie you want to watch if you are conservative or want to ‘chill out’, because I personally found it quite visually stimulating. If you have watched it already, you know what I mean.

In this version of the hangover, Stu the Dentist is the one to get married and he plans an idyllic tropical wedding in Thailand, home of his new wife-to-be. Stu (Ed Helms) is not only marrying tasty Asian female Lauren (real name Jamie Chung, who I loved in her role as warrior/stripper Amber in Action Fantasy Sucker Punch – I reviewed it here), but he gets an upgrade to the full family-size deal.

I take away that the plot plays on his conflict with her traditional family, and there is a side serving of Alan’s (Zach Galifianakis) jealousy of a new kid on the Bangkok block. He doesn’t like anyone messing with his self-created ‘wolf pack’. Who’s the Asian invasion, you may ask? Read on.

After a night of drunken and forgotten debauchery, the boys wake up in Bangkok city – shaved, tattooed, and missing Stu’s soon-to-be 16 year old brother-in-law, Teddy (Mason Lee). How did a classical cello-playing child genius from Stanford end up with the/in trouble the way he did? It can only be a bunch of boys, Bangkok, and bad influence.

There are numerous genuinely funny bits, most of which are disturbing if not questionable. I especially loved crazy Chow’s (Ken Jeong) performance. The audience laughed, loved and cringed like they were in sadistic self-inflicted pain, as Hangover 2 upped the ante on its controversy.

From monks to monkeys and monkeys on monks, expect the unexpected in a way that is same same but different. Also, prepare to see penises.

Hello, Bangkok. Same formula, different hangover.



This is Carlo, by the way.

Christine and the cable TV celebrities.

Blogger alert

Ethan with the beautiful Linda Xenia Black Pettigrew from HBO.

Gerald and my favourite fishy face

The movie crew. Our friend Marc Nelson came down from the Philippines specially to visit us in Singapore. He loves Singapore that much! He is also a part of the fresh new international celebrity co-opt group full of ridiculously good-looking people, The Collective

This hardworking bunch has been working extra hard of late. Here is them finally taking a much-needed break… (Casual couch potatoheads for a day – Simon P, Angel Nicole Teo, Linda Black, Oli Pettigrew and Marc.)

Sony-style superhost, Oli P

Oli with one beer…

And it all started with “just one” beer.

Thanks to Singha Beer, Warner Bros and agency for the invite to the movie premiere of Hangover: Part 2. Watch it in Singapore cinemas now.

Sucker Punch Sunday – Tiny outfits and big guns

Yes I usually write movie advertorials… No this is not an advertorial… Yes I paid money to see Suckerpunch.

From Zack Snyder, director for Watchmen and 300, I watched Sucker Punch on Sunday with my 2 best friends.

Sucker Punch – 5 girls are thrown into an insane asylum/brothel. By escaping into their imagination, they weapon up their minds to plan a real escape from their prison of reality.

Expect a lot of guns, blood, sexy, fighting, fantasy, robot warriors, sailormoon short skirts, action and imagination. Some may feel that the film tries to do too much, or do too little – but if you don’t take it too seriously you might just love the comic and manga styling as I did. The cinematography is a gothic type of pretty, and the effects are a little MTV.

Your Sucker Punch fantasy girls: Abbie Cornish (Bright Star), Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), Jena Malone (The Messenger, Into the Wild), Jamie Chung (Sorority Row) and Emily Browning (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Ned Kelly).

All our eyes were on Aussie actresses Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning. Vanessa Hudgens looked kind of chubby.

PS: Did I mention the lead’s character is named Babydoll? Nice.

I highly recommend this to every guy, girl, and geek I know…
Don’t expect an intelligent story though – its more fetish than fashion
Like Dungeons and Dragons meet Victoria’s Secret lingerie show.

Movie review: What’s the story? Morning Glory

Movie goers: Kanny and I are both fairly young girls who work with the media.

I quit my media job about 5 months ago and am now doing sales for one of the world’s top 7 software companies (lucky me!). Kanny is still with the media – even while we were on the way to the theatre, there were aunties who recognized her from TV. They said she looked fatter on camera and slimmer in real life…

You should have seen Kanny’s face… I couldn’t stop laughing.

Movie screening and review for Morning Glory:
Relatable for any girl from 14 to 40. A likeable flick with lovable characters. A light-hearted comedy that is easy to watch.
But what IS the story?

Watching Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls, The Notebook, Time Traveller’s Wife etc) play ambitious Media Executive Becky Fuller reminded me of 21 year old Estelle – young, hopeful, irritatingly positive, and close to the edge of being so passionate it’s almost naive. (There are so many parallels and yeah, I was really naive!)

Despite seniors (also interchangeable as cynics) who constantly rain on her parade, her unbelievable drive takes her from work, to going home to work, and going back to work. From the first few opening minutes of the movie, the audience already mourns the death of her love life.

For all her hard work on the TV station she lives for, she expects a promotion – only to be fired… Ouch. A tight slap across the face welcomes her to the reality of life. Sorry Becky Fuller… It bites.

Undeterred, puts herself on the media market and begs/accepts whatever she can get. And what she gets is the position of executive producer on the lowest rated morning show in the country called “Daybreak.” Kind of depressing, considering she aimed for the #1 national morning show NBC’s “Today” show. It’s like aiming for an A* and failing your exam?

Her lack of experience and the lack of respect she receives from the Daybreak cast and crew, quickly turns tables around when she spends the first day straightening out all the questions in the office and firing the biggest diva on the TV network.

He wanted to photograph her feet for his blog… I would have fired him too.

Of course there is a “love story” with an equally eligible male prospect, but it seems there is more sex involved than love. Love story fail. I guess its hard to fall in love with a girl who sneaks out of your bed at midnight every night to do research for work on her MacBook.

The crux of the film’s chemistry rests on the dynamics between Becky Fuller and the ex-legendary TV anchor she revives by blackmailing him to be on the show – Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford).

Did someone say Harrison Ford? Yes Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford!

What’s Harrison Ford doing on this show?

Begging her Head of News (Jeffrey Goldblum) to let her trawl through the had-been-star’s contract, stalking him while he’s enjoying some leisure hunting time, and then telling him she would cancel his contract and void him of his 6 million dollars, was a demonstration of creative professionalism at its best. Don’t try this at home.

The film’s humour also vibrates from the witty banter and hate-to-love relationship between co-anchor Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) and himself.

Although I have no idea why Harrison Ford has been casted for this a romantic comedy, I am sure I do not need to elaborate on his acting prowess… or that of Diane Keaton.

The only other disagreement I have is that I find it strange for Becky Fuller’s looks to be portrayed in this movie as a plain-Jane type who at one point, exclaims, “I finally have a guy who can stand me long enough to have sex with me!”.

Are you kidding? A bombshell like Rachel McAdams should never play and be packaged girl-next-door.

Long story short, this is a chick flick that starts with you feeling sorry for Becky Fuller – or if you are like Becky Fuller – starts with you feeling sorry for yourself. By the end, Becky single-handedly re-energizes the TV station and its people, making the show a success and leaving her viewers and fans grinning ‘Gambatte’! (Japanese for “You go, girl!”)

FYI Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote the film, is the same brains behind insane The Devil Wears Prada. Expect the same girl-grows-up-and-climbs-corporate-ladder trajectory, this is not as challenging as TDWP or as funny as Will Ferrell’s Anchorman.

My verdict: Take a guy to this film and watch him fall asleep…
Take a girl to this film and watch her be inspired.

Thank you to United Pictures and OMY SG for the movie preview invite.