The Date Debate: Long Distance Relationships – new dating advice/humour column collaboration by Love You Wrong Time and Manipudating

Hey guys! Thanks to ALL of you for reading my blog and leaving me messages, comments, tweets, and emails (sorry if I haven’t replied, but I read and love all of them!!)! To keep entertaining you, and since I am not professionally employed at the moment, I decided to start doing more fresh stuff. I just started a new column arguing with a guy – who’s different from I – on different dating topics weekly. I’m based in Asia and he is based in New York. This is going to be fun! 😀 XXX

Love You Wrong Time is written by a female, who believes in love in the purest and most innocent of forms. Perhaps a slightly delusional dreamer… But she believes that true love will always prevail. Her most used break-up line is “I’m in love with you at the wrong time.” She is currently single and looking for her happy ever after.

Manipudating is written by a male who’s a bit more realistic when it comes to relationships. Some believe him to be the world’s greatest date whisperer, others think he made those business cards himself. His favourite bit of advice is, “Dump your boyfriend, he sounds like a douche – go out with me instead.” He is currently single and looking for a happy ending.

These two lonely love-hunters have just come together to bring you an ALL-NEW WEEKLY WEDNESDAY COLUMN – THE DATE DEBATE. Who doesn’t like seeing a male and female go head to head? Who’s going to win?

The first of this week’s column is on LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS.

Love You Wrong Time: Long distance relationships are so romantic! They are not ideal, but if two people love each other, then what’s stopping them?

Manipudating: The laws of Physics. Geography. The GFC. A long distance relationship is like a Rubik’s cube – they’re annoying and impossible to do.

Love You Wrong Time: You have gone through your whole life searching for your soulmate, for the one who completes you. You have sat on your arse in front of the TV, crying at rom-coms while waiting for your turn. Now you have found the one – he or she tickles your funny bones right to the core and ticks all (or most) of your boxes. It would not be fair to just drop your destiny because your Mr Right has to move to another continent. If both people are committed to making it work, they can make it work. As long as he keeps away from slutty girls.

Manipudating: Ok first of all, long distance relationships are stupid. There are seven billion people in the world, but you can’t find someone who lives a little closer to you? You’re either the pickiest person that’s ever lived or you’re an asshole and have to travel all the way to the other side of the world to find someone to put up with you. Which is it Romeo? Do you really like sxting that much? Is talking about your feelings on Skype really that enjoyable? You know those rom-coms are just movies right? Just because it happened to Katherine Heigl doesn’t make it real. Did you realise The Avengers is not based on a true story?

Love You Wrong Time: I have a friend in Singapore whose boyfriend lives in New York. She talks to him on the phone every evening, while he’s on his way to work. The time zones are the opposite ends of the world, but their lives are so intertwined that they are practically living in the same world.

Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but there is also plenty of scum. Why would I want to settle for something less than best but closer to me, when the best is just a flight away? Do you two live and breathe a connection everyday, and does he or she feel the same way? If you are the best that he has ever had, you trust that he is not going to screw it up or stray. Guys can’t be that stupid to throw it all away…

Manipudating: Long distance relationships are hard work. And I’m not talking about Singapore’s long distances either (Bukit Timah to Bedok doesn’t count)… there are an infinite issues that come up over the course of a normal relationship; money, trust, work, small penis… why would you knowingly handicap yourself by adding distance as well?

Even though countless couples before you have tried the long distance thing and failed, you’re still determined to give it a go. Points for trying, negative points for stupidity. But you know what? Some people love not having sex for years on end, who am I to judge.

Love You Wrong Time: Ok hold up – “Years” of not being close to someone is a bit much. I think a long distance relationship is a temporary solution to a relationship, but it has to culminate in something more stable. Sure, take a posting for 6-12 months in China, or Japan, or Perth if you really want to. Let’s work together to visit each other as often as we can. If surprise visits don’t end in tears, that’s a big bonus. But after a year, there has to be a plan for someone to come or someone to go.

Long distance relationships must have an end plan, and you definitely don’t start a long distance relationship after one month of dating a man – you still have no idea who he really is. He might be a banker by day and a secret gigolo by night… Or he might snore really loudly in his sleep. A little hard to love that.

Manipudating: I definitely agree with you about the end point – it just so happens that my end point would be as soon as she clears security at the airport. But then again, I do know people who’ve successfully had long distance relationships for 1-2 years (and who are now happily married). Whereas I’m sitting here alone, pantsless and hungry; typing this up on a computer – so what do I know?

And anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being a secret gigolo at night, what’s he supposed to do, gigolise during the day? Are you crazy?

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